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Privacy Policy

Currently since Aug 2022 -  I have been involved in trying out to roll out a app. This page serves as a sample policy page since Google Play requires it. This is just a sample test page to test out a simple flutter app that I built using the steps from this site. 

Introduction to Page

The app which is named "Startup test" is a flutter app, contains only simple code that is accessible via the website. Objective is to attempt to automate deployment to production in a small scale using my own domain name to store the privacy policy


Personal and Sensitive User Data

Since this is a simple word generating app created using Flutter, no personal and sensitive user data such as personally identifiable information, financial and payment information phonebook, contact, device location, SMS, call related data, inventory of other apps on device, microphone, camera and other sensitive device or usage data. Nothing is collected. This is for test requirements only till end of Jan 2023, after which this app will be deleted permanently.


Privacy Policy

This app which is named "Startup test" does not access, collects, uses and shares user data. It does not handle any data of any sort hence no retention policy The app is to be deleted end of Jan 2023. 

Please note -  the app "Startup test" does not collect any data, but this website does via Wix platform.


Contact Details

If in case any more information is required the developer will provide without any delay.

Developer: Nathira Binte Salim

Developer Account details: 7972865370940927060

Account type: Personal


Let's Work Together

Hi, my name is Nathira. Please contact me at hirathameem270804@gmail for more details on this privacy policy

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