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What to bring to a chemo session?

Welcome back to my blog where all you can read about is about me and me and nothing else - from my cancer discovery to my recovery! I actually liked the rhyme.

Many people who discover that they require chemo- would not exactly know what they actually need during the chemo session. I read a few articles before I started out and there were many articles about bringing so and so to the chemo and all. I think it depends. My whole chemo session lasts less than an hour. So I don't stay there long. But I think some other drugs take longer to administer and so some people do stay longer like hours.

So what do I bring? Actually my sweater, my phone and a book in case I am bored with my phone. But I hardly take my sweater and book out. The nice nurses provide me with a clean thick blanket. So I usually just cover my full body till my feet and I lay back in the recliner and let the nurse do her work. I would usually close my eyes and then try for some sleep or just have it closed. I don't dare listen to any music cos that would need both my arms to move around for me and one of the arms would be usually tied down for chemo.

If my chemo takes longer in the future, I would just watch my k drama in low volume.

The cancer centre also provides milo and biscuits, though I don't usually indulge in it. I don't take dairy in any form since cancer.

One thing that I always under estimate - is the surrounding temperature. I get to stay long time in the hospital from morning till my chemo in the afternoon. During my first 2 chemo - the blood work and doc visits were on the same day. So I hardly get my lunch break. I was told the next chemo session will be the following day after my blood work and doc appointment. Which means I will have to make two trips to the hospital per week. Anyway that aside I always feel dry when I'm in the hospital. So the next time, I will bring along my moisturiser and lip balm.

List of things to bring:

  1. Books

  2. Tablet or phone

  3. Earphone to listen to music

  4. Drinks and biscuits to eat if you don't like the one they serve

  5. Lip balm

  6. Moisturiser

  7. Sweater

Simple as that for now. If my treatment gets different, I will update here.

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