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Welcome to limited life edition!

This is technically not my first blog. So I shall leave all the niceties and move on straight to the crux of the matter.

I am living with cancer cells in my body - more towards the breast.

The reason for this new revamped blog, is not just to write, research and explore about cancer, its treatments, related nutrition and stages, but also add in my other angles of life such as my obsession with Korean Drama and BTS, my life as parent with a single child, marriage, family, friends and sprinkle my words of wisdom here and there.

It is true that I am a source of inspiration to people, near and far. But the focus of this blog, as well as other upcoming posts will be about my journey as a person with cancer, how I am about to deal with the coming days knowing about the limited time I have with the people I love.

I hope with the information I disseminate here, will serve to help other people who already have survived cancer, or just found out about it or who know someone who have had cancer and have moved on.

Welcome to my limited edition life - expiry date not yet known.

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