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WeightLoss is possible?

Welcome back to my blog peeps!

Some time back in this post, i mentioned that I won the dietbet. Actually - it was scheduled post written so way ahead - that I was so cocky to think that I could win. No I didn't win it. In fact I lost the bet by a kilo. Actually less than a kilo.

The Game

It was a 4 week bet where I had to lose 4% of my total weight and I was so sure I would win, I put USD35 for that game. I admit - I was lax at first because I scheduled a staycation, plus meeting up with some friends around the same time, I was kind of late to pick up the momentum.

The Process

Before even starting on the bet, I went on a IF + Keto diet for 2 weeks, I lost some weight then itself. I started off with not eating sugar and carbs and went on only eating fats and I had only 2 meals per day. I would have a good lunch and had hearty soup for dinner by 6pm and would only eat lunch the next day. Technically I would start fast from dinner at 6pm till lunch the following day at noon.

And I slowly extended the time I was breaking my fast to see where my threshold lie. I slowly reduced the food quantity but ensured that I was not hungry. I started off with 16hour fast and a 8 hour eating window. Then I extended the fast to 18 hour and then slowly to 20 hours. I would see if I could handle the hunger - but noted that I wasn't getting hungry at all when I hit the 24hour mark. After a few more days of fasting for 20 hours - I reduced my meal intake to once a day - where I make sure I ate lots of fats and vegetable with no carbs at all and then decided to take a plunge and go without food for three days.

During the time while I was monitoring my body to see if I was weak - I went for my morning walks - 15minutes at first, gradually also increasing the time to about 30 mins -40 mins till I was able to walk 3km while still being food less for 20 hours. I didn't feel tired or hungry and I was amazed.

So when I went food-less - I was mentally prepared to maybe faint or have some form of issue - but actually - no. I was running on water for three days, I went for 3-4km walks every morning, I was still working from my pc, doing all my other stuffs that I would usually do and slept on time. I lost a total of 5 kgs - but during the food-less episode I lost 2 kgs. I was not able to win the bet because I started the fast pretty late in the run. But nevertheless, I did lose the weight.

Seeing that number on the scale after so many years was refreshing actually, and it brought me some kind of belief that I can actually lose the excess weight If I just maintain my diet and exercise routine.

Now let's discuss my downside to this exercise I did.

The downside

I was stressing over my weight. Oh my god I was so pissed that the scale was fluctuating all the time - so much so that I thought it was actually mimicking my mind! The lowest number on the scale will be the moment I wake up - and by the time I was out and about - it goes back to like 1kg tops and all I did was drink water! I was also pissed that the very expensive weighing scale I bought from Fitbit (many years ago) was actually pretty slow in disclosing my weight. It will fluctuate wildly for a while, taking its own sweet time to decide on a number and then when it does display the magical number, it will go on about making some background technical work of displaying my BMI and body fat composition ( both of which I didn't ask) and then will wink at me and go back to sleep - all of which takes about 3-4 minutes of my time. And I would actually get on and off that damn machine because I was not happy with the number. How can the number be different every time I was on that thing? I would have like 6 different readings every 10 times on it. I was so frustrated and as the final weighing day started approaching I was getting more stressed. There was a moment in time I was so confident of winning it because my morning weight was promising - but on the official final weighing day - I was not able to make it. I was 0.9 kgs short of meeting my goal.

I was pissed, but I did all I could. But I also noted that I shouldn't have stressed it out. Now - two weeks after that bet, I am back to eating three meals a day with carbs, drinking my tea with milk and sugar and all - and I am not feeling good about it. I feel slightly heavier than before and also feel lethargic all the time. I can easily feel the difference and my body doesn't like it.

The Summary

It's simple actually.

  1. Cut down or avoid carbs

  2. Eat lots of leafy and cruciferous vegetables

  3. Avoid dairy

  4. Avoid sugar

  5. Have fruits very sparingly - once every two days - fruits contain sugar too

  6. Eat grass fed organic meat/fish if possible

  7. Walk a lot, keep active

  8. Drink 2 litres of water daily - thats the minimum

  9. Stay stress free

  10. Sleep on time and wake up the same time every day

I have incorporated walking as a habit now without the lure of winning any games. I used to walk around my block, but now I have started to walk at the Pandan Reservoir and am enjoying it. I try to hit 4km on every walk and once a week I attempt to walk the entire 7km of the reservoir to build up my stamina.

The process is hard but I have made improvements - I can now slow jog and run on sprints ( like 30secs). I am hoping that my jog and run time will improve as well.

Ending the post with my before and after. The one on the left was before I went on the diet which was somewhere on the 1st of November. The pic on the middle was on the 24th of November and the last pic of me in a green top was on the 4th of December.

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