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Welcome back to my post peeps! Disclaimer - a pretty boring post ahead!

One of the many questions I get now that I am at home going through chemo, resting and recovering from breast cancer, what do I do on a typical day? Since I am jobless, there must be something I should be doing right?

So let me see. I wake up twice in a morning. Once at about six thirty in the morning when I'm seeing my son off to school, after which I head back to my room, jump right back to the bed and continue with my sleep.

And the other will be when I wake up some three hours later in time to see my husband off for work on the days hes working on site. I will shower, dress up, draw my eye brows ( that takes longer each day since I have lost almost all the brows and I have hard time defining them now), sit for breakfast. After breakfast I will be distracted from reality for about an hour or so thanks to the social media app such as Instagram and Youtube.

I will then either cook, or instruct my helper to cook and supervise the lunch for the day and go back to my home office to read and clear my mails, draft a new post, think of a new post, and do some bujo work.

During the same online distracted time, I would check out Pinterest for motivations and inspirations such as painting and crocheting. I have at the moment completed two mini projects crocheting a mini face mask holder and currently working on a pouch. At the same time, I have developed an interest in acrylic paintings and play around with the colours. I am no artist, mind you. I just love playing with the colours. I am more suited to be a house painter than a canvas painting artist.

When my son gets home in the afternoon, I will sit with him and chat about school and leave him be with his tv for an hour or so and then be with him to work on his schedule for the day. Now depending on the Rest or Recover period, I would be in bed or in the couch checking out videos or some K drama. I am usually on the look out for new food recipes to try out the next day,

Come evening, my helper would prepare something for tea and I will be watching some tv for a while. Then I am back to my home office again, checking out my posts, or doing some research related to nutrition for my cancer type, journaling , helping the kid with his home work, supervise his school bag packing, and some more reading till my hubby comes in. We will chat, have dinner and then chat with the kid about school and some disciplinary work for the day will be done with the kid and then we head back to bed.

Somehow or rather that's the gist of my day. I do spend a lot of time on my phone checking out videos for my inspiration. I could do some walking, but have yet to start on that yet. Due to the weekly chemo schedule, I am not heading out of the door yet. I will try to start on the exercise soon.

The schedule of the day changes accordingly to my chemo dates or when I have guests such as my Mum over. When my Mum is here, I will just be sitting on the couch with her the whole day. We will do a lot of talking while my mum. massages my feet and makes me feel comfortable. All other schedules will be off.

And I also don't do the cleaning. I clear my work desk when I am done for the day and maybe organise some files and all. But that's it. I don't clean the house nor do I do the laundry since my surgery. I am practically free from household chores till my treatment is over and till I have my health under control.

It does look like I have a lot of free time. Some of you would suggest to start on working myself such as exercise and all. I want to start on meditating on time every day, start with simple yoga practice, walking and learning my hangul, and automation testing before I start work again. These all what I have planned to do. I just need to have that push. Currently I feel as if I am floating along with the time. Its been five months since my surgery. Can you believe it? Its like some forty seven posts later, I am still writing about my cancer. Thats what I mean. Floating. I hope to find some purpose soon, and when I do I will remember to share it here.

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