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Track the habit

Being unemployed opens up a lot of things for me to explore and do in the free time I have. In August and September, during the brief spell of unemployment I focused on recovering from my surgeries. I started the habit of taking supplements and vegetable juice in my effort to pump up my immunity.

Now officially unemployed as my contract drew to an end and both parties decided not to extend to give me time to recuperate - I still have to amp up my immunity but at the same time, check out other things to do so that I do not become bogged down with boredom. Having cancer is clearly not the end of the world yet. I am still living - and with the time I have now I want to make sure my body, soul and mind are being fed with good things. Well at least before I get chemo.

The moment I wake up - at least for the first half of the day - things are happening fast. I have my vitamin c supplement first ( in the form of liposomal fluid) and then off I go for a long walk with my hubby. Depending on the time we are awake, the length and location of the walk differs. If we are up early, we drive to West coast and walk all the way to Pasir Panjang and back. If we are up maybe an hour later, we go for a short 3 km walk along Teban Road and Penjuru Lane. The sceneries on both the route are beautiful and serene as mentioned in one of my post which you can find in this link here.

And when I am back - I load up on my green juice, followed by a hearty breakfast and more supplements which are usually my multivitamins, Omega3, Coq10, and Curcumin tablets. So by the time I'm down with the supplements first half of the day is usually up. Somehow I find my morning regime easier to work on. I have other things that I need to be regular too such as blogging, learning hangul and drinking my ginseng which I m clearly forgetting. So I decided to track these habits down so as to ensure I am doing what I am supposed to do.

From the above you can see the drinking ginseng is clearly lacking my attention. I will work on drinking that after lunch every day. This is just a simple tracker - I will add more items to track when I reach the end of the first page in this Bujo.

Apart from daily routine, I also have decided to add learning a new skill in my free time. My friend Akshata advised me to study something else when I told her I will take the IELTS with her since I was bored. I have yet to decide what to take up. Once I have decided after exploring all the options I will update that information here.

So today - I will check 'Blog' as being done.

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