• Nathira Salim

Taxol hurts.

Welcome back to my blog peeps.

This is Day 4 of my taxol chemo and let me update some stuffs about it before I forget in the days to come.

It sucks. It sucks big time.

Let's count what I am grateful for in this cycle first - since we all have to be grateful somewhere sometimes.

No nauseousness and no fatigue. Thats the big Wow factor in taxol. Period.

Lets now go back to reality. My body hurts. I am hurting in places like I never thought it would hurt.

  • Right thigh which has been numb since my surgery -tingles with pain

  • Right hand fingers tingled on Day 2 whole day - now no more

  • My left ankle and feet hurts - flesh and all

  • Both shoulders ache badly

  • Upper back hurts badly

  • Pain radiates from butt all the way to the privates

It's not easy I admit, but getting used to this pain will take time. I am thinking of calling in the chemo hotline if the pain gets too much. Its as if I'm a voodoo doll - being poked here and there with a needle intending to cause pain. I think there's a Chemo Devil somewhere doing this to me! (Hahah).

Adding to the fact - I still have not taken my supplements yet. I have not decided on it. I think I will start soon enough just to see if it makes my side effects more bearable.

Anyways - this is first episode with taxol. I am not sure how much more pain I can handle, but I hope I get better in the coming days. 11 more to go, 11 more chemo sessions to go.

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