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Such Drama

Welcome back to my blog. I am too tired to come up with a rhyming caption today and most importantly, having captions that rhyme, does not matter today. Definitely not today.

I am living through a very important historical moment today on the 7th of Jan, but technically it took place on the 6th of Jan. ( Post will be published on the 8th of Jan though.)

There was a violent riot at guess where? Nope, not in India, or Africa or in some Banana State, but in the United States of America!!! And though its not surprising that there is a riot, where it happened was historic. The Capitol Hill in Washington DC, that's where this insurgence took place. This is like the parliament house in Singapore.

You can view all the details in the Internet. In summary, the current President incited the people into going into a protest to win back some election he thinks that was stolen from him. So the people went, and then things went south really fast. People stormed into the place, started to climb walls, smash windows and do everything a mob is suppose to do sans burning stuffs.

And all this was happening when there's active Congress session going on - where the members of the House were trying to certify the Electoral Collage votes where Mr Biden won. So the senators and leaders had to run for their lives while the protestors went around vandalising the particular place and offices of people working there. There are lots of videos and pictures in the internet as well. Twitter also has suspended the POTUS's twitter account for 12 hours. Like a teenager being grounded.

After the place was cleared, somehow quite late, the session convened, and then had to break again cos the state of Pensylvania had to object to that vote. Then I think two hours later the the objection was overruled due to the majority of votes saying BS. Then the remaining seven states counts were noted and then later the House confirmed the President Elect Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are the next POTUS and VPOTUS. To say that it was a tiring day at the office - would be an understatement.

The National Guards were called in by the Vice President and not the President to get the place in order. The POTUS said he will walk with the protestors to the Capitol Building, but I think he was back in his office watching the drama unfold.

The POTUS released statement quite later to ask the protestors be calm - not leave the place, and that he loves them. Sick. All in all that drama took place for an hour or so, I think.

But oh wow! Such drama!

I don't believe my life can get any exciting than this.

Can you believe this? This shit is happening in America! The birthplace of democracy. How the hell did the people get to storm into that building? Aren't there like policemen or security supposed to stop people from walking into highly secured buildings like that? I mean, I will be immediately thrown down, face to the floor with my hands all tied to the back and carried away in a black van to some location and will never see the light of the day ever again. My grandchildren will never know me. I would be forever be labeled as the grandmother who disappeared. How is the security so lax for a building with so many important people?

I have been seeing the video footages of the protestors storming into that building from many different news channels since nine in the morning. Sky News, RT, French TV, CNN, ITV. Its horrifying. Theres a ITV news footage showing British reporter in the middle of the protest, interviewing protestors. I see policemen standing there looking at the protests as if they have been standing guard for the protest instead of throwing them out. And the protestors look really convinced that they have been fooled and the election was really rigged.

Such drama! Four people lost their lives in this protest. At the moment of drafting this, I am not sure who passed away, the protestors or the staffers in the Capitol. All other lives connected to these four people are forever changed. And why so? Because of the deep divide in America. Theres so much going on in that complicated country it will take time for it to become great again. Actually I am not sure when it was not great - it was quite great till Trump became POTUS. It will take time for America to heal.

The Allies all over the world have posted scathing and shocked statements about this protest and at the moment of my drafting this, I don't see any statements from our PM in his Facebook, maybe we will know later in the day. If the major allies have such scathing comments, imagine the fun the foes are having!! Nothing can convince me that the protest that happened took place in America. I would have thought the was happening in some military/police state and not in a democratic country. I think America has failed miserably.

The best part - I think a comedy - after the standoff, the session convened to continue with the certification of the electoral collage, the Republicans protested the votes for some states. I mean - you were almost killed because of your alliance with the current president who incited the mob, and here you are, still. adamant saying that the election was rigged. I would just shut the fuck up and agree with the votes and go back home to my family.

What has happened over the past five years, is that people are no longer sure what is true and what isn't. The current POTUS has clearly managed to work and divide the people. I wonder if America will ever recover, but I hope they do. But the truth of the matter is, this is complicated and more twisted than any other issues. To understand America, one must go through its history, its foundation of its politics and its constitution, none of which I have the time nor the interest for. Like I said its highly complicated.

But what I am interested is in the future of America for the next coming months and years, Actually I am interested in the next coming days. Theres approximately two more weeks before the transfer of power happens. I wonder what else will happen. Would the POTUS incite more violence? Will the people of America ever learn? What other historical moments or events are about to happen? What other countries are having fun at America's expense?

Lets hope for the better. Whats the point of living past cancer if the world is not a better place? I do hope, America with its resilience will find itself back on track again and be a great country of dreams.

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