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Skin Care

Welcome back to my humble blog peeps.

It has been seven months since my hair has been shaved and I am glad to post here that finally I see some stubble and patches of hair appearing on my scalp. You can see my previous posts about my scalp here, here and here.


Once chemo ended, I made it a point to start caring for my scalp. During my chemo phase, I was absolutely not in a place where I could care about anything else but my mental well being. All I could do was rest and relax, so caring for my skin or hair was beyond me or lets say I was not into it. Before going into radiation, my radiologist advised me to cream up my radiated locations because sooner or later my skin will darken and also break. But way before I started on the radiation, my skin was drying up especially around my feet so I bought a big tub of Cetaphil and have been using it generously on my skin after shower (Dove Moisturising Shower Cream for Sensitive skin). My skin remains soft and not dry till the night time, where I reapply the moisturising cream again on my arms and legs before I hit the bed. I am on my second big tub now.

Before, during and after radiation, I religiously been applying Cetaphil to the radiated locations, armpits and on my chest area, followed by rest of the body. And once in a while, I use the Kopari Coconut Melt wipes to wipe my body down which gives me a great relief because I really feel so good. Maybe I think my skin feels hydrated and well oiled? I don't know. I also have the Kopari Coconut in a tub, but I have not used that yet since I have yet to clear the wipes. I am being very stingy with this product, its expensive and it comes in a small tub, so I use this when I really feel like pampering myself.


I have stopped using all the commercially available products on my face since my cancer - as there are some chemicals that causes cancer in some for these products and I am not sure which of these are. I have not been applying anything but Cetaphil and at times coconut oil on my face every night.


Since last April till beginning of this month, my eyes had been watering non stop and that sort of caused my eye bags to become darker than usual. It actually surprised my hubby - but because I have been wearing glasses, it had not been that obvious to me. I find no use applying any product to whiten the eye bags because I was still tearing - so I had to endure it till the tearing miraculously stopped one day. And when it did stop, I started applying castor oil to the eye bags.

Castor oil has a thick viscosity and I don't really like its smell - but its good for the skin. I have a small bottle where I have equal amount of castor oil and coconut oil to apply on my scalp every night, but I do not apply shampoo when I shower - since there is no hair yet, only stubbles.

So far - the eye bags are not as dark as before - I have been applying the castor oil for about 2-3 weeks now and if it improves, I will apply castor oil on my face and body to lighten up the skin later on. In summary - my skin is great and is still a work in progress, the discolouration on my hands and feet have yet to go away, I still have dark freckles all over - but I am not focusing on that.

Generally, I think when we are in the process of getting treated with toxic chemo drugs running through our veins and being fatigued all the time - looking after the skin, hair and nails take a back stand because - we are just tired. Even though I have a good support system around me, I have actually thought that it would be really nice if someone would give me a full body massage, or head massage or even a proper foot massage with warm water and Epson salt and essential oil with warm coconut oil ( ah such fantasy!)

I am just waiting patiently to see how the hair turns out. I have read many bloggers who have mentioned that their hair texture came out totally different and much better than before. Let's see how my hair turn out, can't wait!

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