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Retaining Skills

Welcome back to my blog peeps.

For the past couple of weeks (resulting in about a month or two), I have been working on my MacBook for more than a couple of hours a day and I am not working on my blog. Though I did start on my blog with a lot of gusto in the beginning, after chemo and radiation I am not sure what else I can blog about.

So I have been doing what I had been planning all along - to study and get myself skilled in programming. Though I don't need to learn programming in my area of work ( Quality Assurance testing) I have noticed the need to amp up my skills in the programming sector so that I can work on learning automation testing and hopefully get a much higher paying job.

I am good at learning but not that good at retaining newly learnt skills for it needs practice - like lots of it. And as I have learnt from past experience I don't always complete what I start resulting in a lot of half baked attempts in learning new skills. For example I learnt Python and got a level 1 certificate many years ago so that I can add that in my LinkedIn page - which I did. But none of my work experience required that knowledge and I stopped learning it and practising it. I can go on listing - but that will embarrass me. And as mentioned earlier I have committed to learn something called the Full Stack Development for free online. There are like a couple of courses with certifications that can be linked to my LinkedIn account such as Javascript, Python, Data Visualisation and so on. There are a total of 10 courses, each takes about 300 hours to learn. And in each of the course, there are many sub modules and to complete the certification, few projects have to be completed and handed over so that certifications will be given. It's free folks did I say that already? You can check it out in the Free Code Camp Website here.

I have just completed the Responsive Web Design Course and was also certified. I am proud of course, but definitely not easy. Learning when you are older takes time I think - or does it? Or has cancer treatment something to do with the learning capacity? Can cancer treatment alter the way a person retains new skills? If it can alter the DNA, I don't see why not though. Something for me to think about.

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