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Reaction again.

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I think I wrote too soon about me adjusting to the new Paclitaxel dosage here, As of last week, I had another reaction within 10 mins of the drug administered into me. Not much meds went in - but I was charged for it anyways. The same reaction - but thankfully I was anticipating it and managed to stay in control and was able to alert the nurses without crying. Good one on me.

Anyways long story short - the chemo docs have decided not to proceed with the Paclitaxel. I was to meet up with my doc and discuss other options with her. One of the chemo doctor mentioned taking a different drug called Abraxane which has little to no reactions he said.

So today when I met up with my doc, she did let me know not only about Abraxane, but also about another drug called the docetaxel,

Ok I am no expert. - but this is what she told me. When comparing the Taxanes ( the family where these chemo drug comes from) - the well researched and utilised chemo drug is Paclitaxel, followed by docetaxel and then Abraxane.


I am getting hyper reaction even with pro longed pre medication - twice. I don't want them to increase any of my pre meds - or I will need to stay in patient in hospital to get it done. Rejected.


This is also an anti cancer chemo drug and is classified as plant alkaloid and taxane. According to my doctor, the schedule is different. I will have to go for 3 weekly session with a booster shot just like the D&C I went through from Oct to Dec. Also reactions are to be expected but not as bad as the Paclitaxel. Rejected it due to the schedule and I was not convinced by my doctor.


Now this is also called a paclitaxel but the difference is that it is bound with protein called albumin. Its also called as Nab-paclitaxel but the brand is Abraxane. I went through some google search and most of it mention that its given for breast and pancreatic cancer that has spread and f0r non small cell lung cancer. You can find the link here. This the doc did not mention.

But she did say that the schedule will be weekly, and reactions is considered to be little to none but the drawback was that its an expensive chemo drug. The doc did say that Abraxane is not as well researched and utilised as Paclitaxel was, but it still can be used and is also effective is killing cancer cells.

I will start with Abraxane tomorrow ( which will be the same time this article will be published). Lets hope it goes well.

Since my chemo was delayed for like a week, I noted two subtle changes - I am getting more tired four days after chemo and my hair is growing out. I have a salt and pepper peach fuzz now. It hurts slightly just like it did in November when the hair was coming out in clumps.

Also - on a side note - I am wondering - do Singapore doctors or teams from different departments from the same bloody hospital communicate or have weekly meeting to discuss about their patients? When I went to visit mine, she was clueless about my second reaction and wanted to increase my pre med and also indicated in her notes wrongly that I have four more jabs to go to complete my treatment instead of the 8. I need to be more attentive when I am having my chemo. I am not trusting these people nowadays.

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