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Post Chemo remedies

Welcome to my blog where I post everything from discovery to recovery! Or something along that line.

I have not been posting for quite sometime after my last chemo. C3 was quite sometime back, recovery was again taking some time. By day 5, I was still tired and I was expecting it to drag like a few more days past the 7 day mark. But my mum made me drink almond milk and by next day I felt slightly better. I am not sure if I was naturally gaining back my mojo, or it was because of the drink. I am thinking of trying it out again after my C4 to confirm it.

My mum soaked a handful of raw almonds in warm water for about 4 hours, peeled the skin off them and whizzed them in the blender with some warm water, some pieces of watermelon. My experience with almond milk wasn't so great couple of years back and it took a lot of scolding from Mum, to get that thing down my throat. In truth, Mum's almond milk tasted good. I drank one third of a glass and went to bed. The following day I felt better than the previous day. And on the same day, I drank another one third glass of almond milk and I felt better.

After three chemos I have realised the following:

  1. Have light meals at least two days before the scheduled chemo session.

  2. Have light meals after the chemo session.

  3. Drink mutton or beef broth on the 2nd or 3rd day of chemo

  4. Drink almond milk from day three onwards.

  5. Have some snacks such as potato chips or candies or ice cream to help with the cravings.

  6. If indigestion persists after points 1 and 2, consume garlic and soda.

Let me explain points 1 and 2.

Chemo makes one nauseous and have issues with digestions, constipation and farting ( which I have explain in my older posts), To avoid having painful indigestion or gas, I realised that I should just in fact eat light meals the day before the scheduled chemo session. I think by having lighter meals the day before enables the digestion to work because there's little food to digest.

Someone advocated going on a complete no food diet for three days in the internet to help with the nausea, but I don't think that is a good idea because the body needs all the strength it needs to handle the chemo and post chemo, so at least some food should be ingested. Post chemo - again I recommend light food, maybe a small bowl of vegetable or chicken soup. I do come to realise that I don't get the indigestion issues I went through in my first chemo. Shudder!

About point 3 - well I went on a complete vegetarian and clean food diet for three months once I was diagnosed with cancer and was able to sustain and increase my immunity for my double surgery. But I also found out that- that particular diet of drinking green juice, green tea, and eating different green leafy and normal vegetables did not suit me at all post chemo. I just couldn't take it. I needed something else.I felt I needed real food whatever it was. I craved for carbs and meat. My body particularly craved for mutton soup. Goat meat is rich in immunity boosting elements such as iron and zinc, loaded with protein and vitamins and though it has received flak for being high in cholesterol I need to check out more on that. So I only have a small bowl of mutton soup the week after chemo and only once. My mum makes a mean 'sup kambing' I tell you and it actually soothes my dying tongue and also my depressed soul.

About point 5 - this I noticed in my last chemo. I needed something to satiate my dying tongue. I wasn't tasting anything good at all. Somehow the processed food were making me feel good. I was craving for potato chips, chocolates and ice cream. But its not as if I was gorging down an entire pack of it. I will eat a few pieces and then I am done.

Now lets say points 1 and 2 didn't work much and I am still having gas trouble in my system, I found another remedy. I peel two cloves of garlic, cook them in the microwave in high for 30 seconds, and eat them once slightly cooled. This definitely works for me. Also to add on, I drink half a glass of soda water flavoured with lemon, half tsp of salt and sugar each every day till I am sure I do not have indigestion that night.

So - after three chemos, I am finally qualified to give out remedies that worked for me! Who knows? It might work wonders for someone else who has the same issues.

Oops I forgot to add another important topic post chemo. My fingernails are getting more discoloured every day. Now all ten of my fingernails are blue black. The tips of the fingernails are getting darker as well. Someone recommended getting the OPI Nail Envy, a nail strengthener nail polish. I just started using it so I am not sure if it works. If it does, I will update it my blog. But also to ease my vanity, I have used nail art stickers to hide the colour, It makes me happy at least.

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