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Welcome back to my blog peeps.

Today - I am going to whine. Yes - I am. There is not going to be any long blog about the new skincare products I purchased and about to try from Good Molecules, or about the new role I took up as a Social Media manager working from home, or about the bet I won from Diet bet because I achieved my goal weight, Nope, nothing about that.

I am so sick, tired, exhausted, overwhelmed and irritated by the global pandemic that is churning out different variants of the same virus every few months. What is this? An Apple iPhone or something?

I mean - they just eased the restrictions in Singapore days ago - where now we can dine out in 5 pax and all. With the new virus - omicron - I think we might be going back to restrictions and global shut downs as well.

I read that Israel closed its borders for 2 weeks and some countries are requiring quarantine stays in hotels even if passengers are vaccinated twice or thrice. Is there going to be another vaccination against this new variant because I am so sick and tired of getting jab for something that I cannot see.

The cases soar high even when people have been vaccinated so what is going on? I admit the higher authorities are doing the best as they can - but my goodness this is exhausting. I am just a layperson - imagine the healthcare people. They must be going through not only mental but physical exhaustion too. I was assuming at first that this pandemic will last for a max of six months - but it is still going on strong two years later. I really hope that we don't spend the next year being wary of the varieties of viruses coming up.

You know what we should do? I don't. I thought I did, but I don't. I cannot say - fuck the virus, cos at the state I am with my reduced immunity and ongoing obesity - that damn virus will be the one fucking with me. I have stopped reading and listening to news because I am sick of the virus making the headlines. I am just tired of hearing the keywords, Covid, virus, variant, delta, omicron, vaccine, quarantine. These words should be banned. Like forever! Will the day we resume our lives without the fear of virus?

How the hell did we get here?

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