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As part of my treatment against cancer, I checked out a nutritional therapist or a dietician some where mid October. My overall objective was to find out, if I was missing out any crucial vitamins and minerals to counter my cancer cells proliferation, and also get a clear cut idea on my current diet. For the past few months, I have embarked on a non dairy, low sugar, no beef/mutton ( little chicken) almost vegetarian diet. I say almost because I consume fish for protein and at times chicken in small quantities to satisfies my cravings. Was I adding on food that I am not supposed to? Or was I missing out particular food/fruit in my arsenal?

To get more clarity, since I have been dealing with this on my own since July, I met up with Dr Pooja from the Nutrition Clinic. I love her clinic, it was aesthetically designed and her room itself was spacious and nice. More like a cosy room. Dr Pooja herself was nice and friendly.

Since the objectives, medical history, supplements I was currently taking, type of diet I was on was clearly stated in the questionnaire that I submitted before my appointment, the consultation did not take long. She was straight to the point. She advised me to continue with the no dairy and no sugar diet but add in a sort of Keto minus the fat type of diet. She prepared a meal plan for me, advising what I can eat for my daily three meals and snacks. For example:

Breakfast: Mung dal dosa with dal

Lunch : Half cup cooked brown rice, cooked vegetables and fish

Dinner: Ragi dosa with dal.

Snacks: Fruits and nuts plus lots of water

Her advise is to cut down the weight as much as possible since hormones such as oestrogen are much more rampant in fats, and my cancer is hormone related. Supplement wise, I am good, but she's added on magnesium and probiotics to the mix. I was also advised to refrain adding soy or soy related food to the diet as it may contribute thyroid issue. She has also asked me to go for food sensitivity test to identify the food that may cause inflammation in my body. Once the results are out, I will be able to know the foods I need to avoid.

In the mean time, the nutritionist will work with my team of oncologists to ensure that whatever complementary supplements I am taking does not hamper the treatment. I will update if there is anything to later on. Let's see how it goes.

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