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New Product test - Bakuchiol

Welcome back to my blog peeps!

On the 19th of October, I wrote a very sciency post about vitamin A, its properties on skin, its chemical in and outs, and the product that I was using. I summarised that I will not be continuing the use of Medik8, once it ends, but will try alternate sources instead.

So my Medik8, was completely cleared out from its tube last week and I started on my new vitamin A alternative - the bakuchiol. I bought the "Trilogy - Bakuchiol + Booster Treatment" somewhere last month from the "Look Fantastic" website ( where else?) and have been waiting to use it. You can be pregnant or breastfeeding, and it shouldn't affect you when applying this. This is supposed to be a 2 week Vitamin A like treatment to help you treat with the fine lines and all.

The outer packaging came in a sturdy small simple box, indicating the quantity as 5% plant squalane, 4% bakuchiol and its a natural vitamin A alternative anti-ageing oil blend with bakuchiol, squalane and hemp.

I was a little taken aback by the actual item though. It's a 12.5ml bottle of oil - dropper style. Well I was expecting a much bigger quantity, but it's ok. I will take what I can get. Like I said before, I only used the vitamin A at nights, and Medik8 was a cream. So it was the last thing I used before the moisturiser. Bakuchiol is an oil and thats where I had this little sticky ( or oily) situation. I was already applying squalane oil as my last step of my night time skincare. So should I be applying the squalane oil now after applying bakuchiol or should I not apply the squalane oil since its a part of the bakuchiol? After much deliberating - I decided to just go ahead and apply both.

I have to apply 2-3 drops of oil, and apply it to my face, every morning and night till the product ends - but I am still using it for night time though.


Texture - It's oil based - hence oily (duh!)- but not as thick as a castor oil. It's light weight - so far so good.

Smell - Definitely not off putting, but takes a while getting used to.

Outer package - Simple, nice classy box.

Inner package - 12.5ml glass bottle with dropper

Price - SGD31.20 (Lookfantastic website - used a sale code for this)

I didn't seem to have any reactions with this oil, and I have been applying it for a week now. So far so good - anything natural sounds good to me at this point. These are the prices that I have seen the product priced at locally and thankfully I got mine at Lookfantastic for a bargain! I am not sponsored by the folks at Lookfantastic guys - so no worries.

Isetan - Sgd55

Metro - SGD52

Lazada - SGD65

Will get back with another product that I have tried soon enough,

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