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My plans

Welcome back to my post. Today is a non cancer post. I am sick of writing about cancer all the time. So today let me write about my mundane life. Lets do a little escapism here.

My boy completed his six years of primary education and will be starting his five years ( Normal Academic) of secondary education at a secondary school nearby. By the time this post is published, my son would have started school.

I wrote a post about the stress I had while my son was doing his PSLE in this post. His results were not stelar, in fact it was a ten point drop than what I had originally estimated. I have moved past that and we are now focused on his new start in life.

On the 22nd of December, his 3rd choice of school accepted him and he was registered to that school online the following day. The last week of December had us buying his school books and stuffs needed, along with his new uniform and shoes and a new haircut. His bird nest modelled hairstyle just needs to go. Since I will be on Resting Phase at least few days before school officially starts, I went around preparing his school stuffs ahead of time. Labelling and plastic wrapping of his school text books, locating all his scattered stationary and housing them into one pencil holder. New school uniform tried out to ensure the fiasco of Primary 1 does not happen again. New shoes tried on.

Once the week is over I will start focusing on his academics since actual learning starts on the second week of January. First week is all about orientation and ice breaking. I will then start the calendaring of his after school classes and add in his school time table and also monitor the school website later on.

Its surreal to think that now I am a mother of a teenager. My boy is now taller than his dad, and I think in another few more months, I will have to look up to his eyes to talk to him. As much as I am excited for him for his new adventure in secondary school, I am also worried about him. I didn't exactly have the best time in my secondary school. I detested it like anything. I was a good student, but I didn't have great friends. Everyone knows that for a happy school life, having good friends are the real deal. And my boy is choosy in selecting friends. So I am assuming, either he will be friendless or be bullied. I am not worried about girl troubles now, well because I know there will not be. Boys take time to mature back in my days, and I hope my boy matures way after he finishes his national service!!

As for me, I have planned not be stressed about the way my boy deals with his academics like I was these past couple of years. This is his life. I will now step back and watch him take over his life, academics, and friends and be the pillar of support he requires. I am hoping that as he crosses each academic year, my health improves for the better. I plan to be there for my son and husband for a very long time. I also plan to be there to welcome the girl of my son's dreams to our family. I plan to be there to hold my son's child along with my husband. I plan to be alive to see an exact replica of my boy in his child/children. I plan, but I hope God be merciful enough to accept them.

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