• Nathira Salim

My fuck finger got fucked

Following extract is a part of a note taken from my Evernote:

Date: 5th July 2021

Location: A&E, NTFGH

Something went wrong with my right middle finger. It started to swell and sent pain waves through my nerves. I felt stabbing and throbbing pain throughout the day without an interval for relief. Even with pain killers and antiseptic lotion applied to my finger tip I struggled with the pain for two days and two nights.

Whatever happened I don’t really know. The skin inside was dry and cracked and even when I went for my radiologist appointment last week Dr Grace asked if it hurts and I said no. She told me to go the doc if it starts to hurt and that what I did.

I waited for the day to start today cos I really couldn’t handle the pain at all. I couldn’t sleep. Once the day started we went to the clinic in WestGate. After waiting a while managed to see the doc who after checking it told me that he will refer me to the A&E because it seems that I need to drain the finger.

I’m now here at NTFGH for a while now and I have no idea how long I have been here. I’m still in pain and I'm really hurting. It’s fucking painful and I have no idea what to do. I’m at the mercy of the medical people here who are taking more than four hours just to see five minutes of me. I’m literally dying. How can I handle so much pain? It feels as if a needle is pricking my finger tip and I can’t handle this shit.

Welcome back to my blog peeps. I certainly do have some drama going on in my life. The above was copied from my Evernote about my trip to the A&E on the mentioned date and location. Long story short - I did get to see the A&E doc, get opinions from a couple of orthopaedic experts, have an x ray done and couple of hours later I had a mini surgery and pain was gone. They removed my nail, squeezed out the pus and wrapped the finger up.

I have no idea how or why the infection happened, it just did. Its been 11 days since I was admitted to the hospital for the surgery and since then I have had the dressing changed four times, each time less painful than before. My right middle finger is still in wraps, but painless.

The prep for the surgery was as similar to my other surgeries. All prepped up and wheeled to the OT via the bed. I was not able to see the procedure, cos they had a small tent built over my face, but doctors and nurses at the OT were nice and warm and had

Two weeks later

the procedure done in 20-30 minutes. Its my third surgery in a year guys and I thought I would be done with surgery and any sort of surgical procedures - but nope. I think I will have to be more careful now. I am considered a person with low immunity and thus any health issue has the tendency to wreck my health somehow.

So here I am at home typing this out painfully depending on my right thumb and index fingers, still feeling some kind of weird sensation at the finger tips.

Oh one more news, the skin next to my armpit fold started to itch and then burn and then finally break ( radiation side effect) while I had the finger infection, so throughout my ordeal, I was not able to lift my arms all the way straight cos it hurt me a lot. Way to go cancer free but full of side effect life!

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