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Listen to your body

Welcome back to my site peeps.

I thought of posting about the day I almost fainted at a mall waiting for my hubby. This happened just a week after the abdominal pain crisis I had.

First week of April, I met up for a last minute coffee session with my friend. I had a cold drink with her and after that we walked around the mall for a while helping her shop for a dress. I must have walked and stood around for quite a while and got thirsty but I didn't think much of it. After sending her off to the train, I called my hubby asking him to pick me up while I walked over to the pick up point at the mall to wait for him. While walking, I felt that I should drink something and get myself seated somewhere. After all I did walk quite a while after a long time.

But I disregarded that thought and went ahead anyways. I already called my hubby and he would be on the way, I didn't want him to go through the hassle of parking the car and meet up with me at a cafe. And I was feeling okay, not light headed and felt that I can still go on, no issues.

While waiting for the hubby at the pick up point, I felt this huge wave of fatigue sweeping over me. I started sweating and my lower back pain started to hurt. I looked up from my phone and realised my vision was blacking out from the sides. I panicked. There was no place to sit and I was there with my back on a railing with a small gap to rest the butt. I stood up for a while, looked around for places to sit. Since there was no chair or bench I thought of sitting cross legged till I see my hubby. Waited for a full minute, got my breathing in check, tried to breathe as normally as I could. I knew I was going to faint any moment, my tummy started to hurt but it was the sweating that got to me. I needed to be somewhere cool and be seated.

Called my hubby again and asked for his status. I told him my current and worrying physical state, informed him exactly where I was standing and also told him where I would be sitting in case my knees buckled. He said he was at the traffic overlooking the mall and that he could see me and told me to hang on - and hang on to the railings I did. I actually physically had my hands tight on the railings for I was afraid if I let it go - I will fall and make a fool of myself at the mall. Of all the things I should be worrying about, what others would think of me took a priority and I noted that while being in a state of distress.

The car rolled to a halt right in front of me. I thought of getting into the back seat cos I thought I would collapse. But instead hubby opened up the passenger seat next to him, and I slid into it, managed to pull the door shut and reach out for the safety belt and click it in place while hubby drove slowly out from the pick up point.

"Why are you sweating this much?" he asked.

I couldn't answer. I took off the mask, got the AC on high and closed my eyes and let the fatigue I have been holding off take over me. I breathed deep and slowly. We didn't have water in the car so I was not able to quench my thirst but I had my eyes closed all the way till I got home in 10 mins. I didn't speak at all. Once I got home, I drank a glass of iced soda laced with sugar, salt and lemon and slumped on the bed. I came in at 1730 hrs and slept throughout the night and woke up late the next morning.

I was able to sleep that day and night as well. In fact I slept quite well at nights even if my nap times were longer in the day. I was chided by mum and sis for going out on my own and was given some safety advise by my sis in case it happens again. I am now officially not allowed to go out of the house alone. What happened or why I almost blacked out - I don't know for sure. Not even my doc ( I don't think she was sure of anything).

What I found amazing was my body rested. I think maybe I should have hydrated with water or stopped for a rest even if it meant disturbing my hubby. I should have rested somewhere cool and drink something cool and wait the fatigue off with my hubby. Instead I waited for hubby without charging my body.

I had the same feeling yesterday as well while I was at home listening to a lecture. This was the day after chemo and I had no sleep for almost 10 hours. I was still wide awake though. I heard a loud noise from the street and I stood up from my study room table chair, and I felt fatigue. It just hit me. I slowly walked over to the window, and I could feel the same uneasiness sweeping over me. I walked to the kitchen asked my helper to prepare some cold drinks. She gave me almond milk. Drank a bit, walked back to my desk, and sat. And I felt compelled to rest my head on the table. I rested like that for a while - maybe less than 2 minutes. I quit the online lecture, closed the book and went to my room. My son was already resting there. I climbed to my bed, called my hubby and updated to him my state again, told him I was ok and rested my eyes after hanging up.

Lack of sleep I think this time but I didn't sleep. I just rested till I was sure I was good enough to walk.

Always take yourself seriously and listen to the gut feeling your body is throwing at you. If it's tired, rest. If it's thirsty get hydrated. Simple.

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