• Nathira Salim

Hit me baby one more time!

After a long 16 days after my very first surgery to remove my cancer clusters in my left breast and some ADH clusters in my right breast - we were called in to come to get the final histopathology report ( henceforth it will be referred to as the path report).

Just 24 hours before this visit, my doctor Dr Sim, called and told me that there was a chance that I might have to go under the knife again since she didn't seem to get a clear margin from the right breast. And ever since that call, I have been praying real hard. I really have no desire to go through another surgery. Would I be subjected to the 60 minutes plus mammogram to put in wires in my breast again? What will happen to my wound from the last surgery? Would my tissues be smashed and flow out like an apple crushed by a bulldozer? So many questions.

Within minutes Dr Sim explained the details and ironed out my worries. There will not be any mammogram. All she has to do is to open back the same place and remove more tissues.Issue is that the ADH clusters somehow were not as simple as it was thought of at first. The path report suggests that the ADH is actually a DCIS ( still a cancer despite its fancy name) but it is less than 2mm and is thus graded to stage 0. Since the margin was not a clear one, Dr Sim suggested we remove the clusters instead of leaving it there in case it evolves and upgrades to IDH or something. The date has been set to the 17th of this month.

She also asked me to talk to the chemo and radiation oncologists to talk more about my treatment plan. Somehow I am not sure if I should proceed. I need more time. Let me read up on it.

Till then... Fighting!

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