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Happy 2022

Welcome back to my blog peeps. Welcome also to a brand new year and I hope that this 2022 brings about a much more good and blessed beginnings to everyone.

I noticed in my last year's post - that I absolutely missed out writing about the new year - I think I scheduled it as such, the first post of 2021 was like 4 days into the new year and I posted about digestive issues during chemo. This year however I will like to post a much better article on time.

Year 2021 has been a year worth reviewing for me. First half was spent in bed, in the deep recesses of my body and a lot of talking to my self and God and lots of trips to the hospital for the chemo. Though I knew deep in my heart that everything was going to be okay, the daily grind was a huge matter of struggle to me. Going through every single day - goodness was hard.

The next quarter ( not half)- I would surmise it as giving my body permission to relax. I let not only my body, but my soul relax too. I watched KDramas, I binge watched on serials and I read a lot. And the last quarter, I took up studying new technologies to challenge myself to see if I could do well under pressure.

The following lists my activities:

  • Took up new courses to learn new IT technologies

  • Got myself certified officially in Cloud technology

  • Blog every single day and schedule it

  • Took up freelancing jobs - testing, translating and doing surveys

  • Sleep early and wake up at 0800hrs every day

  • Learn and research about skincare and dabble in it.

  • Intermittent fasting as a lifestyle and not as a diet

  • Incorporate walking in the morning as a new habit

And along with that - I took on a social media manager role for my friend's side hustle and I have been absorbed in that world for the past month. I am loving it actually. I didn't know that I have this side of marketing in me. I have to thank Akhi for this because it now feels like I have something to look forward to. I am always reading new stuffs for the business, learning new trends, checking out new videos about content creations and attending masterclasses to improve my skills. And thanks to that, another friend of mine, just asked me to help her out with the SM of her website as well and she's paying me! Can you imagine that?

I am definitely not an expert in marketing and I have no idea how to sell. But learning how to, has been a fantastic journey. I am not sure how long I will keep at this but as long as I am needed - I will do my very best. Since I am at it - please do check out @relaxedbrush in Instagram and also @alyussofsg. I am working for both these brands at the moment.

So whats the plan for 2022?

I have none at the moment. Let's be honest here. I am on a borrowed time. Everyone is of course, but I am aware more of mine because my boobs are a ticking time bomb. I don't dare make any long term plans because I don't want to jinx it. I will keep doing what I have been doing so far. I will streamline my process for each of my stuff so that I have a definite clarity of my life. I have plans to lose weight, but what am I doing apart from walking? So I need to add more details so that I can work on them and not just say something out in the air and it goes poof. Once I have my guidelines, or lists, I will share them here.

To those who have been with me through out my journey - thanks for being there. Let's work together some more.

A very happy new year to all!

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