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Good news

Welcome back to my site peeps! I have some good news to share. Today is my last day of chemo!! It went as uneventful as possible and I am so happy that its finally over. My liver works are still not in good levels but the doc said I can still go ahead with the chemo! And so its over. 7 months of chemo - finally over.

Next Wednesday I will be meeting my oncologist to discuss my future post cancer. She will be discussing about taking hormone pills as cancer preventive measure in the future. The last time we met she encouraged me to try on Zoladex and AI (Aromatase Inhibitor) for the next couple of years. I think she will want me to get on that.

And on the same day, I am meeting my radiologist to fix the appointments for my radiotherapy sessions. I am supposed to have five session, but the details I am not so sure about. I will update when I have more info.

Apart from this personal achievement of mine, the rest of the news would be that its the month of Ramadan or lets say we are in the last ten days of it. ( I was not well remember? How could I update all that?) I fasted only on the first day just to have a feel of the holy month. After that my doc told me to abstain fasting since my immunity is low. If it goes any lower my chemo will be delayed again. So no fasting.

And also currently it seems that Covid 19 among locals are on the rise so officially Singapore will be going back to phase 2 to ride on this new wave. I was thinking they would announce CB 2.0 or something and that Ramadan will be a quiet affair this year again - but nope. There is still around a week to g0 - things can take a turn anytime. Will keep posted.

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