• Nathira Salim

Friend Zone

I think its an understatement when I say that friends are important. Its actually way more important than I ever thought.

Friendship is a form of connection - we connect with like minded people and that makes us happy. We like to belong. Hence the belonging to a tribe, group, gang, clan, community, faith, society - they are all the same. albeit the terms used. It's all a bunch of names to term different groups of people. We all want to belong to a group and hang out together. We don't want to be the odd person out. By sharing, communicating, we are actually doing a service and by doing that service, we are, as a result happy. Service is a true form of happiness actually - but we usually end up realising this later on in life.

I had the fortune of having good friends all my life and I am not kidding here. Apart from the time I spent in secondary school ( I have no friends from that phase of life), I was lucky to have made acquaintance with wonderful people from all walks of life. I was able to find good and helpful colleagues, team members and friends and I was always in good company of great girls.

Today I spent my lunch and dinner with friends from work. The lunch was with my team mates, and the dinner was with my client who became a dear friend over the 2 years I was there. I would have had a hard time without these people ,especially my girl, Ruzana. We teamed up later but I think we have been friends for more than a year together and I will say it without lying, that she made my work life more enjoyable. I had so much fun and laugher with her that I truly miss it every day now.

There are many friends along the way of whom I share great memories, Akshata, whose bright personality and high pitched voice will fill a room with fun and laughter. Fathima, my dearest friend, warm and lovely, she's mores like a home to me. I find peace when I spend time with her. Swathi, beautiful soul - we share lots of stuffs together, she's more like a place where I confess all my 'sins' and am never judged, Suhaila - she's a gem. A real gem. We laugh like crazy when we meet up and she always makes me feel like a 18 year old again.

And there is Farzana. The unexpected friend. Truly unexpected. She accepted me as a friend and is always excited when I talk to her on the phone. Whenever I visit her, I feel as if I am visiting a sister out of town rather than a friend. Farzana and her daughters are so full of love, sometimes I am not sure if I deserve such honour. I am happy when I am with these girls.

It didn't take cancer for me to acknowledge their presence. I have always been grateful for them. But its now more than ever, that I want to be around them more. I am not sure why. I want to be laughing with them, telling jokes, making fun of each other, gossiping about another colleague or old friend, sharing the deep grudge we have with someone or with some. issue, exchanging stories of our families, etc. I am honoured that these wonderful people also want to meet up when I ask them out and I feel that I belong. Was I lost before that I so feel the need to belong somewhere?

Today I feel contented. I met my friends after so long. That will keep me going on till I meet them again soon. Hopefully I meet more of such nice people in my way.

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