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Follow up on Paclitaxel

Welcome back to my blog!

An update on my follow up on the botched chemo I had last week.

I didn't have to give in my blood works for this follow up, so after a brief health screening of checking my blood pressure, I was called in to sit at my chemo chair like 90 minutes after I arrived. Hectic day.

I was on a watch list this time because of the reaction I had, so extra care was given. There were two difference this time. Number 1, a stronger dose of anti allergic drug, or Benadryl was given. I was knocked out by this and remained in a dizzy state of frame for a couple of hours after. The anti allergic drug was administered at about 1030hrs. Around 30 minutes later, they took it off, and flushed my system with saline. Then about 1130hrs, they started with the Paclitaxel. I was doozy, sleepy and mostly on my chair sleeping the entire episode. I woke up here and there was the nurses called me to check on my blood pressure and my temperature. Number 2 - the Paclitaxel was administered for over five hours. I managed to eat two toasted sandwiches which I brought from home at about 1400hrs and at 1500hrs.

By 1600hrs I was bored. I was itching to move about. I was escorted to the loo like thrice. And by 1630hrs I was heating up. Not only me, I noticed a new chemo patient sitting opposite me was fanning himself as well. They finally let me off by 1700hrs and I was in the car heading back home in 1730hrs.

Its now Day 3 past this chemo. I feel ok. Side effects: the base of my neck hurts, tummy trouble still there. The nurses told me that it seems I will need to sit in at least seven hours for this chemo to go through without reaction for me. Which means, I will have to pack enough food to last.

I am thinking, maybe the last chemo was fucked up because of the biryani I ate just before the chemo? The first paclitaxel went well because I ate light that day. The 2nd paclitaxel day, I had mutton biryani and as soon as that was over I was back in my chemo chair. Maybe the combination was the issue. Anyway I am not experimenting with that in the coming chemo.

The coming chemo, I will have to check in early to give my blood works and then three hours later the chemo, which means an entire day at the hospital. I think I will eat something light for breakfast in between before heading back to chemo.

Wish me luck peeps.

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