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Earn six figure with no experience!

Welcome back to my blog peeps! Hope you guys are doing well and good!

Ever since post chemo - I have been busy checking out employment opportunities to work from home. I am more interested in working from home, because number one - I have become lazy, and number two - I am still getting fatigued here and there. So I assume its better to work from home rather than commute and be fatigued and stressed over it - the latter is not good for me post cancer.

So I have been checking out and know what? Pinterest tells me that I can earn money on the side doing online work and still earn five to six figures in passive income. The idea of passive income as I understand it - is that money keeps coming in from the side - like rental money and you put some minimum work in it and voila - you have money pouring in from all directions.

And I checked them out. Because on the online world out there, there are teens and some twenty year olds marketing themselves as millionaires by so and so age and that the rest of the idiots out there can do it too. The keyword - you don't need to have an experience. Can you really do something without experience and still get paid? I had to check it out. These are the most common recommendations on the net:

  1. If you can type - earn money from typing by transcribing to audio files.

  2. If you talk - earn money from being a voiceover artist or a narrator or read a book

  3. If you have a pc, earn money by filling out online surveys.

  4. If you have some form of test experience - earn money from testing websites

  5. Again if you have PC - you can publish your own low content book

  6. Create some animated insta or FB post and market it out and become a social media manager.

  7. Buy a property thats about to be auctioned off or has little to no renovations done and it looks like its about to fall apart - then flip it and sell. (Quite hard to do this in Singapore though)

  8. Drop shipping - buy bulk products in AliExpress or Etsy and sell it for a higher price in Amazon.

  9. Make youtube videos without showing your face

  10. Create online courses or ebooks

I did check most of them out and it is true that you can earn money from these suggestions - but don't expect money to be pouring in immediately because you filled in one survey or did one test. Most of the suggestions above - need not only work but time and also experience as well as qualifications. For example for the transcribing work- you need to read their 4-5 page guidelines, have good listening skills, attend a test and then get qualified to start transcribing. If you fail the test, the next time you retake will be some time later.

For the voice over - you need to prepare audition tapes and pay upfront like $200 or something to be a premium member before you actually get a job.

Online survey - well each survey takes a minimum of 20 minutes of your time and pays very little like 20 cents or 60 cents per survey. This I tried and its tiresome. I have earned up to USD20 now - so yeah - I filled in lots of surveys.

And for the testing of websites - there is a screener where it checks if you qualify for the test and because I am unemployed - currently I hardly qualify for the majority of tests. But I did earn USD10 for one test that I did ( thankful). So there are ways and means you can earn money - but they don't come easy. They take time and effort to see some form of monetary rewards, but basically if you have a working laptop/pc and internet - you can earn some way or another.

What about experience? Well many of these twenty somethings - market these passive income suggestions as needing no experience whatsoever and I call bull shit on that.

Someone on the Youtube mentioned that you need no experience to become a social media manager. All you need is a laptop, internet and a premium version of Canva. She then compared a free lancer's work in Fiverr who was earning like USD200 for a job - which was creating seven insta and Fb posts and blogging for a particular period of time and then went about creating the same thing in 20 minutes minus the blogging. And she ended the video saying that the rest of the world can do that too.

And I am here wondering - so the companies out there are actually hiring people who have no creative talent to do their marketing jobs? So yes you can do the job, but are the clients actually happy with that job? Are they satisfied with the work you did without experience? I am not sure. Check out this video where Latasha James explains why this is not a good idea and what to do about that. Yeah you can create some posters and posts - but its work too and it requires experience as well.

You can get valuable experience by learning from your mistakes, taking free online courses and taking the time to learn and understand. I am on for the ideas that are innovative, different and can make some money - but getting people on that bandwagon saying that it doesn't need experience - well, take those kind of ideas with a pinch of salt. The internet has a plethora of videos and suggestions on how you can make money by ways maybe you have not considered. So check it out - some small change coming in your way will not hurt.

If you have valuable experience you can create a podcast, YT video or an ebook or come up with some online courses and start small. To be a YouTuber. you don't need experience - you need a camera phone and yourself or an object or your niche and start taking videos and upload them. If you can cook - make videos of them. There is some algorithm in earning money in YouTube, so you can check that out.

When I was checking out these suggestions, I had this sinking feeling that I am not qualified to do anything, like coding, or programming, cooking or cleaning. And I was like thinking - maybe I don't have any valuable skills that I can use to make money - and I am still not sure so I will keep a lookout.

Please let me know if there are such new ways to earn money on the side from the internet - I will look into it.

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