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Welcome back to my blog peeps. I wish everyone a belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ahead!

I spent my Christmas holiday very wisely. I spent it with my family - shopping and walking around Orchard Road - where else can celebrating Christmas holiday be perfect? If it was pre Covid days - the island would have been a little quiet since the majority of its citizens would have spent it away from Singapore in some posh country with snow or sand. Who knows? Though there are still people travelling with all the restrictions applied - people like us who love to travel hassle free, immunity compromised ( like me) and in a budget - many are stuck in Singapore.

So Singapore was crowded at Orchard road yesterday. We started our day at Pauls in Tanglin Mall - I miss Paul so much. We used to frequent Pauls when it was in Westgate and I so love the pattisier's basket with freshly juiced orange juice. The nearest to us happens to be in Tanglin Mall - and we have never been inside that mall. - so off we go - started our day at Pauls where we were received warmly as if we were some royal patronage. After breakfast we walked around the mall - some shops closed for the holidays, some moved out already and some not opened yet ( we were walking around like 11am in the morning). We checked in at the House of Anli and I so loved that place. It was like stepping into a home in Europe or Norway - lovely,cosy and foreign at the same time.

House of Anli is a shop that sells furnitures, table ware, stone wares, tapestries and etc. They also had a cafe and bistro inside and so many beautiful candles and matchboxes and all from far away places ( Belgium, Portugal, etc). They were expensive for me - but I loved it. Maybe if I was earning a bit - I wouldn't have minded the cost of the candles. When I have my house renovated - I will look in to House of Anli for their collections.

We then moved on to Takashimaya to shop for our house staples because we had like SGD240 in Takashimaya vouchers to spend ( thank you Thameem's office). We bought a much needed ironing board ( ours was almost 14 years old and was falling apart!), a Kenwood glass kettle ( ours was also falling apart), a serving tray ( we have none)and some aroma diffuser - arranged for delivery because after one hour plus of walking - I don't think I was able to carry anything back to the car - cos if I see the car - I would head back home to sleep. All the time Hubby and me were in Taka - our son was in Kinokuniya. We summoned him down to help us carry the stuffs initially - but we found out we could have it delivered home and by the time the son arrived, delivery was arranged.

I went to Sephora ( my weakness) which was conveniently located next door and bought the following:

I actually went in there to purchase my hyaluronic marine booster from Dr Gross - but it was sold out (sad) and I was also happy that my favourite brands like Drunk Elephant, Supergoop, Fresh, Laneige were also there! Ah a dream really.

Next up - Kinokuniya - Japanese bookshop. It ended up being a big huge maze - to me. Hubby and I went in looking for the kid - within minutes, I was alone walking and walking looking for the son. There was so much books! So many categories of books, ranging from fiction, non fiction, medical, scientific, IT, biographies, political, and anime. There was a lot of anime - in Japanese, English and Mandarin - to say that Raihaan was in heaven was an understatement.

I was lost once - where I went round and round the shop looking for my hubby. Walking around the bookshop is an experience in and of itself. We each bought books for us - something about politics for hubby, something about media marketing for me and anime for the son.

We had a very late lunch (Chicken Dum biryani) at Tiffin Bhavan in Little India, and then proceeded back home - extremely tired and with painful hips for me. When I was just relaxing, I realised that my Bonia purse was missing. Long story short - we found it in Kinokuniya. But I will like to say that the counter ladies at Sephora were so professional when I enquired about my lost purse. Within minutes, they were able to check their cameras and found out that I had my purse with me when I left the counter. The lady who attended to me was nice, helpful and very professional! Thank you Sephora Takashimaya!

Leaving with the pics with what we bought and did yesterday. Please check out my insta page for the reels that I shared.

Happy New Year people - may the coming year be better than the previous years.

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