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Cheese Croissant is calling out to me

Ever since my first surgery last month, I have been resting and recovering from home. Staying at home for maybe few days a week is ok. But staying in day after day was getting to my nerves. I mean - this is the Covid era. But even during the CB period, I was still working at site. So when people whine and complain that they are stuck at home, I was jealous. I wanted to be at home too.

But after surgery, I think I overrated the staying in experience. Well it is fun in some ways. I don't have to cook and clean anymore. I was being cared for by my mom. I can sleep in whenever I want to. I don't have to think about work, or plan out the details for work. I can watch my k drama serials in peace without anyone bothering me. I can listen to my BTS playlists all day long and no-one will judge me. And I can skip coaching my son for his exams. Thats pure bliss.

Three weeks later - I am done. I started to ache for the days I would be at Starbucks, chugging my latte and having cheese croissant for breakfast with hubby and at times with my colleague.( Yes, its always the same. Latte and cheese croissant).

I wanted to go shopping, so badly. I mean- here I am out of surgery with both my boobs out of shape and in pain - and I longed to go shopping. There was absolutely nothing I had to buy, I just needed to shop.

I love eating outside. It's more about the ambience and convenience rather than the food actually. I like to go out to new places and have food because, first of all - someone else is slogging for the food, not me. And secondly, someone else is cleaning the mess after lunch/dinner and that's still not me.

But my mum was doing the cooking and cleaning - and yet I wanted to eat take aways. I kept wanting to order in my favourite tteokbokki from the Nunsaram Cafe near my house but the fear of being screwed by my mum and hubby kept me from clicking "Buy" button in the Grab Food app.

Yesterday, after a long time, Hubby brought me out for breakfast at Prata Alley - my favourite hangout place in Clementi. Normalcy returned a bit. I felt guilty eating prata early in the morning, but consoled myself later onwards because of the fact that I asked the prata to be cooked in olive oil. Gluten no matter.

And today - I met out with my colleague. Again - happy for the bit of normalcy there. I felt a bit of my old life returning. I went to the library after sending her off at the cab stand in Jem - borrowed more books on cancer, met my hubby for an impromptu date at his hang out in Tanjong Pagar and back home in time for lunch prepared by Zin Mar. - my new Myanmar helper.

I am not going to go full out on eating out. Maybe once a week? Or once very fortnight? Being disciplined to eat healthy is a work in progress, especially now. The no sugar, carbs, dairy and meat diet is already quite a tough one for me to digest.

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