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Welcome back to my blog peeps.

A piece of good news - for me - I passed the Google Cloud Leader certification exam!

Though I did receive instant results the moment I submitted my test, I had to wait for Google to review my results and see if I have followed their policies and stuffs when doing the exam. Hence I had to wait a week before I got the results.

Th0ugh I was glad I completed the test, and I also know I passed it , getting the seal of approval from Google was actually - well I won't say nerve wrecking or irritating - well its just as it is. Wait. If I failed, I just have to continue doing what I did as mentioned in my post here.

Anyway I got the approval exactly a week after I wrote the exams, while waiting for Dreaminah (my cat) to complete her X-Ray. In case you were wondering what happened to the cat - that feline is fine now - she had feline asthma.

Objective of taking the exam was for me to know if I still have the aptitude to learn and I got it. So planning to take up further courses to upgrade my learning skills instead and am gravitating towards cloud technology. I am also learning about skin care - which I will soon write up about my dabblings in it, along with learning crypto currency and anti aging technology. In skincare - I am reading up to see if using such products have any effects on people post cancer and how the products used are similar to anti cancer prevention as well.

Signing off with the copy of my official certificate from Google (YAY!)

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