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Before and After

Welcome back to my blog peeps.

We are just few days into December, the last month of the year and in just few more weeks later we have the brand new year ahead of us.

You guys have any new year promises to keep and then lose it somewhere in March and April only to be revived in December? I don't keep long term plans - its not me. I can plan something - but keep consistent effort - well thats another ball game.

I did my maths guys and I realised that its month 8 post chemo in December! Congrats to me! My hair is growing in shades of salt and pepper, most of my nails have grown out of their dark nail tones, I am feeling healthy, I can walk longer, I am able to work and learn longer without feeling fatigued, the dark spots on my tongue has disappeared, and I feel almost like myself. Almost - but not there yet and I am not sweating it. I still have some minor issues like peripheral neuropathy in the tips of my fingers and toes- but like I said I am not sweating it.

When I was having my cancer treatment, I had a plan to have a "before and after" photo gallery in this website to see how far I have come in my post cancer treatment journey. Also - new cancer patients can see that not all is lost when you have cancer. But then I played around with the site for a while and decided on a video format. So from the first pic onwards is month zero post cancer and so on. These are vulnerable pictures and I feel one kind putting them out to open and all - but my message is that - the journey is hard and tough, but its temporary, things will fall back in place and most importantly nothing in life is permanent. We are stronger than this.

This is a surprisingly short post this time, I have plans to come up with more posts about my diet, my secret mission to lose weight, my learning journey and my plans to change my career from a QA to a Graphics Designer cum content creator or something.

It's up to me to decide what I want to be and figure out life from there.

I will like to check out the other avatars available and see if I can make a living doing what I like and want. Not many people know what they want to do or find out what they like to do. I am one of those - so I am still in search of it.

Word of caution though: If you have a strong financial buffer where you can do what you like and not end up in the streets you may do so. Or you can do a side hustle while holding on to a full time job. Like I have said many times, my perspective, my live and my experience is different from yours. You do you and you will become great at whatever you do.

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