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Back it up.

Welcome back to my blog peeps!

Have you guys ever noted the hassle of logging into secured websites just to be prompted to change your password? There you are, you have to dig into your grey cells to figure out a new password and then write ir down or C&P it down to some note and configure it - just to forget it some time later. Or in my case - I have to come up with password that will fulfil the particular websites requirements such as to come up 8 or 9 characters, with numbers , with symbols, with alphabets - lowercase and uppercase. Haiz- hassle.

My hubby's MacBook Air crashed like a month ago. Sad - I know. Hubby and I went through many technical websites to find hacks to get it back on and when it failed, we went to the Apple's service centre near our location to get some specialist help- only to find out that that fellow was doing the same thing we were doing. Summary of story - all data gone. What my hubby (and I to some extent) thought was that all his data will be saved at the iCloud. Only some files were found in the cloud, and they were not the important ones. Hubby spent 3 days trying to find out how to save his data, eventually gave up, and then reset his MacBook to factory settings. All data gone and none were recovered. He did thought of getting professional data recovery help - and then decided against it. And yes - my hubby did not back up his data to TimeMachine - at all. Like never. And he lost his master password list - the one where he C&P all passwords for all websites he ever used. All gone. None of it was stored in cloud.

See - what I cannot believe is that my hubby was naive enough to think that he can run his life in this age and time where he can not keep his passwords saved and secured. Both of us are new to MacBook, and yet though we were fast learners - I just couldn't understand why my hubby slacked off on the security bit.

This is what I have been doing since then:

  1. Bought myself an external hard disc, start backing up my MacBook on Time Machine - every weekend.

  2. One copy will be saved to my Dropbox. So I will have two copies at all times.

Ever since my cancer diagnosis - I also decided to come up with the list of all the websites I use that requires username and password and share the copy with my hubby. Well the reason I have is that - in case I drop dead - and my hubby needs to access anything related to me - my CPF or my insurance or anything related to me that requires urgent attention - I don't want him to be troubled by the hassle of resetting the password, and all. If its my insurance he needs info on or to upload documents, he just needs to access this list, gets the details he wants and do the rest. It will save him time and trouble. Already as it is - he hates configuring passwords for his own business.

And when I was listing the websites out - I noticed that for most of the websites I have used the same password. Basic rule in Internet security - never have the same password for more than one website. Imagine what fun the hacker gets to have. So today - I took some time to go through each website in my list by login in and reseting my password and ensure each password is different and copied it to my password list. I used a password generator to come up with the password for your information.

Basically - what I intend to do is organise stuffs that are not just related to me, but also to our home and child as well. I don't want hubby to go through the hassle of looking for my stuffs when I am gone. I have already organised my cancer history file where he can access all the hard copies of my medical history along with all the insurance claims and forms there. I have also organised my chemo file - old documents, appointments, chemo dates are clearly arranged. The next is this password list.

You know when someone dies suddenly and your life gets messy for a while cos maybe that person was the one who dealt with everything around the house? You don't want to be lost - you need the time to mourn yes? Not everyone does this, cos they expect to be living for a long time. I know my time is coming, so all the more I should be wiser right?

My next mission to get our wills sorted. When I am there, I will update.

In the mean time, my cancer and non cancer peeps, please update your passwords and keep them save. Also - backup your computer, personal laptop, mobile and tablet data. Save them in more than one location. Don't you ever see thriller movies and drama? Where the protagonists keeps important data in a USB and when its gone, all is over? Let's learn from them.

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