• Nathira Salim

Back home - 2nd cut

2nd surgery went well.

The whole experience was quick.

Since I couldn't sleep very well the night before ( was up watching K drama) when I woke up I was very well tired and cranky.I registered, checked in, had a small episode with a young doctor on her first day who was not able to get the blood pressure machine to work and had a matron looking nurse sulking after her. I was worried if she would be part of the team working on me. Thankfully not.

After getting all the things done, said bye to hubby and moved on. I realised that my first surgery took place at a OT in Heart Centre. That was why I was wheeled in for such a long time. My surgery yesterday was at L7 in the hospital - so the wheeling trip was like 5 mins top. The only difference this time was that I was prepped up by the GA team before going into the OT. I had my glasses taken off. So I couldn't really see anyone clearly. They had the port stuck to my left hand veins since the surgery was for the right breast, pressure checked and got me to the OT bed. And from there - at least this time round, I was able to see the room. The GA took time to take effect and I think I counted to at least 6 before I knocked off.

The best thing I loved about the GA effect was that when waking up, I felt drowsy and nice. Pain was there, but it was nice. I think I said something to the nurse, they replied something. None of which I can remember. Then I was sent to the normal ward to sleep. I slept pretty well. In fact this time, I liked it better. There was not much pain. So all I did after being warded was sleep.

Anyway long story short, I was sent back home last night. That's the picture of me at the discharge lounge. Had a pretty good rest at home and now back to normal life. Life is going to be about relaxing, researching, learning and pumping up my immunity to help me live with my cancer for time to come. I still need to make up my mind about chemo.

I have asked for 25 years more quality time to spend with my husband to age with him together. Let's hope I get to reach there.

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