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I have a couple of expensive habits and addictions ever since I started work years ago. Shiny silver and rose gold cute little bracelet charms from Pandora were the beginning. Followed by expensive casual and work wear from Marks and Spencers for their generous large sized clothings and shoes. I have colleagues who thought I was rich because I shopped there. Not many people know I buy clothes in bulk during their sale period. Who cares anyway right? After which I started the habit of buying useless stuffs online. I loved online shopping. Ah the luxury of browsing and buying with a click of a button was so enticing!

In 2018, I fell in love with BTS - one song at a time. Thats a blog for another day. How a middle aged ahjummah fell in love with flower boys. Months later, I became a fan, and became an official member of their fan club within 6 months I think. Being Army ( that's what BTS fans are called by the way) is not cheap. There is an annual renewal fees, and there are merchandise that you just must have and must buy. The first ever stuffs I bought from their official website was 2019 season package.

When it arrived well into January 2019, I was so ecstatic. I didn't want to open the package - since that was the first item ever to come from Korea for me. I sniffed it bit like a puppy hoping to get a whiff of some Korean air. I was so happy to open it. It was a box in green, addressed to me. In the box, there were some pictures of the famous septets, CD of their behind the scene of shooting for the seasonal package, table calendar, large Calendar, organiser and many more, It was like Christmas for me actually. I didn't use any of it by the way. They were so precious.

And so began, the addiction of buying one merchandise at a time every time there is something new. Before I purchase their merch, I used to watch their old videos and vlog to know more about them and all their variety show. They made me laugh till my tummy hurts. It made me forget about so many of my so called stress. All my old thoughts would vanish with them. I was so happy. Everytime after work, I would watch their videos and laugh all the way till night time. Happy wife gives a happy life anyways to my hubby. So he didn't bother too much about it. I keep them all in a special place in my son's room. It almost looks like an altar though.

Soon, I was able to differentiate each one of the boys. I was able to recognise their voices from their songs. I was able to fall in love with rap because of them. I don't know how to rap but ever since BTS, I appreciate Korean rap a lot. I have my absolute favourite in the team, but I love them all equally. I enjoy their live sessions with their fans, though I hardly understand what they mean.

I am happy and love myself when I hear them sing and perform. Though one of my biggest dream was to see them perform, I am not sure if it will ever come true. But if it does I will be the most happiest. Like a true fan.

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