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A Brilliant Show to watch.

Welcome back to my blog.

My 5th chemo session will start tomorrow and I will be given Taxol on a weekly basis.

(Please note that when you are reading this, I am way past my second week of Taxol.)

I am kind of apprehensive over that actually. I am already mentally worried and prepared for the next onslaught of side effects for the following week. No matter how much I try, I am not able to kind of finally accept the side effects for what they are and move on. I get anxious as my next chemo approaches and just like a death row inmate I walk to my chair with trepidation every single time. Please pray for me. I don't know to which God you may pray to, but at least say a word of prayer for me for strength.

Anyway - lets talk about something else. I watched this standup comedy in Netflix by Rickey Gervais sometime last week and its called 'Humanity'. I know this guy is good, bold and unapologetic, but I didn't know he was brilliant! And I loved it. The only time I watched him was in the movies 'Night at the Museum' and in 'Ghost Town'. I also know he was in this show called ' The Office', but trust me, I have not watched a single episode of it - both American and the British version. And so while I was checking this guy out in his twitter, I learnt that he's in this show called 'After Life'. And yesterday morning I started watching it.

According to Wikipedia, the show premiered in 2019 and this was written, directed by Rickey Gervais and he also acts in it. I am telling you - this is good stuff. Really. I mean if you are into really good acting - I think this is it.

That show had me hooked the moment this lady comes to the screen with a head covering in a hospital bed, talking to her husband obviously recording her final speech or set of intructions for him. She's talking to Ricky Gervais who is watching this from his laptop on his bed with a cool dog sleeping next to him. Gist of the story is simple actually. Ricky's character Tony becomes suicial and depressed after losing his wife to breast cancer. The show captures excellently the daily grind of a bereaved man who truly loved his wife, his life with her and who now misses it all and can't seem to handle it at all. Hes angry that hes still alive in a world without her and he lashes it out to people who are trying to help him. There is not one episode of that show I have not not shed a tear really. Every time Ricky cries, I am crying along with him.

Its not only his acting, its the other characters that actually supports the main character that adds charm to this show. The postman, the prossie, the lady at the cemetery, the nurse, the drug addict, his brother in law, Sandy and his colleagues, his dead wife - all of them. They add layers of support and character, I actually think it is brilliant.

The reason I am in love with this show, because, to me, this drama is sort of a trailer of the future my hubby might have. Of course, my hubby will not be as angry and depressed as Tony, but he will be devastated for sure. He will be lost, and may not have people to talk to him and listen to him. He will have a hard time looking for stuffs around the house and maybe relay what he wants to the helper without me. And he will have a hard time with our son for both of them will be lost and grasping at nothing to get to terms to accept a life without me. When I see Tony in that show, I am seeing my hubby. And I have to say this again - this Ricky Gervais is absolutely a brilliant actor. They way he expresses his emotions - its unbelievable, I officially am his fan. I started watching season 1 in the morning and ended the season 2 by night. I am waiting for Season 3.

Anyways - that's one distraction for now. A show. Let's see what tomorrow brings me and lets hope I react better to it than every other day. Amen.

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