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Welcome to Hira's First, my very own passion project filled with unique and personal content. Explore my site and all that I have to offer; perhaps Hira's First will ignite your own passions as well.


Reaction to Taxol

Welcome back to my blog! About nearly 24 hours ago, I was due for my 6th chemo (2nd Paclitaxel) session at the cancer centre. As usual, ...

Doctor Consultations

Welcome back to my blog. Is it me, or is it the doctors really? Every time I am visiting my doctor for my pre chemo consult, I feel that...

Side Effects Part 2 - C2

Welcome back to my blog where I post stuffs from discovery to recovery! I am thinking of making this phrase an opening for every post of...

Side Effects - C2

Welcome back to my cancer blog where I actively try to document my journey from discovery to recovery ( wow that rhymed!). I am done with...



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