The Facts about me

Updated March 2019:
There already is a About Me on the left corner of this page. But yet  - you might want to have a refresher on me -  instead of reading seven years plus worth of posts. I am in my forties and so I will try to come up with brief details about me -  will cram as much as I can

  • Currently a working Mum . Proud mum of 1 little teenager stuck in a seven year old boy form.
  • Married and still am and hopefully to the same man for a long time
  • I dabble in IT
  • I love to read and write
  • I am very stubborn
  • I have a bloated ego
  • I don't have much friends
  • I don't read news -  they ruin my day
  • I love mornings - though I wake up late each day
  • I love going for long long walks.
  • I love learning -  I love education and I love the process of understanding something new
  • I love books
  • I love taking pictures
  • I cannot understand when people say they have no interest in books
  • I used to be a romantic at heart -  till Marriage
  • I am a girl at heart -  I love the usual stuffs - clothes, shoes, handbags and makeups
  • I am selfish, cold hearted, vain, and evil -  when time permits.
  • I have a thing with office stationery -  don't know why - never asked myself why as well
  • I nearly died thrice when I was nine years old -  all separate incidents.
If theres anything you want to ask of me -  please email me. Hope you enjoy reading.

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