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Updated March 2019

Dear readers,
I am still learning how to make full use of the technology available to play around with the format of my blog till I am satisfied. As such -  please note the following -  this will serve as a disclaimer

  • I own this blog, this domain, the pics embed in it. You want to share my page -  at least have the courtesy to ask permission or let me know later.
  • Views presented in this blog is of my own only -  no one elses.
  • My views of perception of my daily life is published here as my own -  thats how I look at things. You dont like reading it -  no one is forcing you -well at least not me.
  • I may or may not have named individuals who came into my life - I apologise if my posts hurts your feelings -  the past and the future. This includes friends, relatives, vendors, support team and no bodies reading this.
  • I do not as a personal policy defame people, political parties, religions and other's views. 
  • My life as a very small bubble revolves solely around me and the small network of people around me.
  • If you are bored - you can read and take a peek in my life -  but don't even think of judging me -  cos that's not your job -  that's God's.
  • And finally -  I welcome feedback -  anything that can improve my contents in this blog - nothing defamatory, accusing and hopefully no threats - I mean comeon!!! How bad can this be?

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