Long time no see

It has been a while. And I notice its also the way I always start my blog after being MIA for sometime. I have been thinking of posting something for quite sometime, but every time I sit and attempt to write, my mood changes and I lose the interest some way or another.

Anyway - I think after my last post about my hair cut ( which I'm pretty sure no one was interested in knowing) lots of things happened, such as fasting, hari raya, hari raya haji, my in laws made their annual visit and left after a month, my korea trip, my work and all. And yes I did my Korea trip after all.

Korea was fun and interesting and it was everything I expected. That includes my travel companion as well. I had a certain level of expectation about her and she met every criteria of it. She didn't make the trip any worse - so it was a relief. I wouldn't say it was a girls trip. It was more of a " I am happy I made it" kinda trip. We are 40. We didn't have to go giddy over it.

I had lots of fun getting lost, finding my way, taking pictures and being immersed in the ambiance of the new settings. I was mesmerized with the blue green seas of Jeju and Udo Island. Busan was dynamic and inviting and Seoul was altogether a different scene.  I enjoyed my time over there. I really did. I made up my mind to enjoy it - I didn't care about anything else and I made sure I didn't react over things that were beyond my control. I would want to go over there again -  and this time I definitely don't need a travel companion -  I can go there on my own. This time I would love to get lost again and again and finding my way back slowly. The people over there are so nice and kind and polite, the food was fantastic, the night scene had a certain vibe to it. I didn't care much for the budget actually. I was having fun. I shopped within my range and was happy with my purchase.

My travelling was the same as in all the countries I have been  -  I had one local meal a day and had the other two meals in the AirBnb that we booked. The only issue I had was the weather -  I was expecting some cool weather - but all I had was scorching sun which had actually given me dark forehead and burnt off some of my eyebrow. It was THAT hot! But then I would forgive that for the shopping I had in Dongdaemun and Myeongdon. It was frikkin awesome!  If I have the time I will write more about it. Pics are in instagram for those who want to check it out.

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