A different feel to this

I am going through a phase now. And somehow I feel this is slightly different. I lose interest in many things now. It starts with the cooking and cleaning and then slowly over things that matter like friends and family and I have no idea why this happens.

I prefer to sleep rather than do anything. I prefer to be at home rather than go outside. I prefer to do nothing.I really do. When I was on my trip I was energized and happy and was feeling great even with the terrible weather. But when I got back -  I got depressed I think. Hubby and son picked me up -  but Hubby was on a rush. He had to go to a couple of places and that's when I thought to myself that my reality sucks.

I have absolutely no mood. No mood to do anything. I don't find the motivation to pick myself up. And trust me - I have been checking on motivational videos when I wake up after sending kid to school -  but I am still not able to pick myself up.

I recently had a health scare related to my brain. It was nothing eventually - but during the checkup - I was told to bring my weight back in control. And the first thing I thought was - Weight? That's not the only thing I need to control. So could this sluggish feel I get be related to my weight? I don't know. Would I feel less lonely if my weight was under control?

Something is off and I cannot put my fingers to it. I am not able to figure out what is going on. Whatever I was motivated to do in the past-  I don't feel like doing it anymore. I just want to sleep or do nothing at all. 

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