No change

I recently turned 40. Though actually it means I have lived 40 years and now my 41st year begins. Something about the number 4 irks me. It makes me feel as if I have reached some kind of dead end. Maybe because its always mentioned that a woman starts having issues medically after 40. Anything after 40 -  always something negative is attached to it.

Anyways -  its like 10 days since I reached 40. I have not had any life changing eureka moments in life. I always thought I'd be wiser when I am 40. But I still feel the same. Same old same old. What have I learned so far? Nothing much. I am happy and grateful for every single waking moments in my life and no complaints at all. I love my life, and my work. I love my small teeny circle of friends and family. And I love my no nonsense attitude towards life. Not asking for anything more.

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