Last entry for the year

I have absolutely nothing much to offer in terms of anything to read or know what I have been going through because  nothing much has happened. Hence -  nothing much to update since my last post like two months ago.

I actually cannot remember much of what happened in the 2 months-  but the latest update would be that my brother in law is in town for a month and will leave early next month. That's it. Again - I have been a terrible host -  not cooking or leaving any food for the guest. We have been eating out a lot since I start/stop my diet. Don't ask -  its a complicated yoyo story.

Anyway -  nothing much to post - so this will not be a long boring one.
I am good and people around me are good.
I am no longer distracted by my past ( *cough **cough exbf) -  for I am currently and pleasantly distracted my KDrama and KPop boys.

I thought of dropping in one post before the new year starts.

As usual - I have achieved nothing much. Only highlights this year was getting our own car and the birthday preparation of my guys and also relatives from Australia popping by and planning holidays with then. Got myself into another work -  thing time -  nearer home -  yet still considered to be in the east. That's about it.

I didn't achieve anything I thought I would achieve at least by this year. Mainly trying to expand my family and losing weight. But I have decided to close the chapter anyways. Its been a long outstanding case on my side. I am a physically flawed woman who cannot conceive the second time. Have accepted the truth. Now lets move on with the rest of the life. I have spent my 30s trying to do what I couldn't do -  and now - I want my 40s to be more vibrant, exciting and memorable with only good stuffs.

I don't think I will be updating anytime soon -  so Happy New Year in advance to you! Leaving you with a nice pic taken of me.

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