I struggle on a daily basis.

Cambridge Dictionary says struggle means: to experience difficulty and make a very great effort in order to do something

Many people struggle with lots of things in different phases of their life. Struggle can happen for life, power, money, love, kids, peace, independence, financial stability, education, staying alive, staying sane and so on. Mahatma Gandhi struggled internally for spirituality and externally for the independence of his people. So did the great Nelson Mandela and LKY.

My mother struggled with my dad for a lot of stuffs especially for us  when we were young, Now her struggles are different but still for us.

When I was younger my struggles were mainly staying sane with the high level of toxicity in my home, independence from my mum and finding the right person to be in love with. But decades later the struggles have morphed into something else. I have listed them down in no particular order

My struggles

  1. Staying awake after lunch
  2. Staying focused during a meeting
  3. Listening to the speaker during a long dull meeting
  4. Trying to understand the damn meeting held just after lunch
  5. Sitting at the same desk for more than 45 minutes
  6. Avoiding chocolates
  7. Avoiding carbs and sugar
  8. Having regular periods
  9. Losing weight
  10. Trying to cook
  11. Eating good food
  12. Finding food that has no carbs during lunch time
  13. Negotiate tv time with kid
  14. Having another kid
  15. Teaching kid
  16. More "us" time with hubby
  17. More "me" time
  18. Forgetting the past when I am alone
  19. Exercising
  20. Learning and remembering what I learnt
  21. Hitting 10500 steps every day

They seem so trivial doesn't it -  especially when compared to yours? Every one's life is different and hence the struggle is different. But its still something each one of us have issue completing it. I am not going to give you some magic formula on how to overcome your struggle.  This is your battle -  all I did was just to highlight that no matter who -  people are struggling with things you  don't know and can't see.  My hubby says even breathing is a battle - for some, and yet we do it seamlessly. 

For me -  I accept my struggles as they are. I can't change them,but I can work around them or try to be less resistant to them. I know the struggles above will morph into something else in time to come -  so I just let them be and I do my part to complete them. Hopefully you have your own way to face your own struggles as well and may you find peace in doing so.

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