I have decided

I have decided to go on a trip on my own. Without my husband, son or Mum. I have decided.
I have decided to save up the money for the trip. I have made the necessary budgets. I have decided on the places I want to visit, the food I want to taste, the people I want to see and the experience I want to have. This is not happening this year though -  since its a little too late to start saving up for a massive 10 day trip within 2 months and I have not settled my debts yet.

This trip will happen in 11 months time. Though I am going on my own from Singapore -  my cousin will be joining me from Delhi for the adventure of our lifetime. We have decided to save up, lose weight, make plans and meet up in South Korea in September.

Save up you'd understand -  why the weight loss? Well -  both of us have been trapped by the lies the KDrama have fed us. The Gong Lee, Lee Min Ho, Jo Jun Suk, Park Bo Gum, Park Seo Joon and so many more have enticed us and we have felled hard for their looks and Korean way of life.

We'd like to lose a bit of flab here and there just in case someone like that crosses my cousin's path. My cousin's path and not mine. I would like to just.... you know...look nice.

Anyways -  the plans are taking shape. We have worked out on the dates and the places we want to visit. It will happen on the first and second week of September ( Inshallah). The reason we are making plans as early as now is because both of us are in two different places with different time zones. We have to discuss about the places we want to go via WhatsApp and emails. We have to go through our budget. And if we plan early like more than 6 months in advance, the flight tickets and accommodations come slightly cheaper. And we are girls at heart -  so there will be some shopping involved. We are foodie -  so good exotic and maybe expensive local food involved and some pubbing involved. So with all these good stuffs happening, we need to save enough money. Since I am already sinking in enough debts, and actually behind them -  I have made up my mind to settle one card before I leave and ensure I have enough cash to spend without stinging on any expenses.

My mum thinks I am crazy for leaving my family behind. My husband thinks I am going through some mid life crisis ( since I will be turning 40 soon) and my son wants to follow me. My cousin and I are however excited because it will be the first time we both are travelling alone as travel buddies.

Since there is still some time left, I am reading up on travel blogs, checking out places, directions, hotels and apartments to stay and the whole shebang. Lets cross fingers and hope that in less than a year to come -  I would have made my way to South Korea and explored the shopping malls, ate the famed Kimchi and tteotboki, bibimbap, ramen noodles and instant noodles and their famed bbq ( the halal version) and check out their tent style restaurants, the karokes, the night life and the good looking dudes and brought back only good stuffs to say and not bad memories like I had in 2014.

If you ever want to look for me in September 2019 -  you can find me near the Hans River walking at night drinking South Korea's famed yoghurt drink with my cousin while talking shit.(I hope).

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