Statistics of Boyfriends

One day not so long ago during a tea break I had with my colleagues -  the discussion about relationships did a sudden u- turn when my colleague asked how many boyfriends I had before marriage.

Simple question - I could have answered in a jiffy. But I took some time to answer it because I was not so sure about their definition of a boyfriend. I don't think I answered -  just told them I cannot remember.

What do they mean about a boyfriend actually? Being in love?  Pfft. I hardly had those. I was like a bee going on from one boy to another with no string attached and no sex involved -  I call those flings.  All extremely short term -  so was this what they were asking? And to justify my less than decent attitude was because I was on a rebound. There. Justification. And a good one at that.

But if their definition of a boyfriend was someone I was in love with and was on a long term relation ship lasting years-  well I am not sure about that as well. I was pretty much jinxed with relationships at that time and nothing lasted more than maybe 10 months. My early twenties were about making mistakes on finding the One. Again a good justification on my part.


I did love a boy whom I was mad about because he loved me back. And I made the mistake deciding that he was the One very early on in the relationship. But this didn't make it to a year and maybe lasted less than that -  but the negative impact it had on me on a physical and mental level lasted many many years. So to me -  this will count as a proper boyfriend.

So to answer that question now ( months after that discussion - just in case my colleagues read this -)these are the estimated summary of my dating life before I got married. And if this is on my blog -  rest assured my husband is well aware of this as well before we got married.

Short term flings (1 month or less) - 5
Long term flings ( 6 months - 1 year) - 2
Prospects (dating before confirming)  - 3
In love, contemplated converting, eloping and marrying in secret - 1

Yes -  feel free to judge me if you want. I hardly care now. If I could go back in time  -  I would gladly make the same mistakes again because I don't do regret. 

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