Happy Ramadan 2018

I have not posted for over two months now. Not that I had nothing to post -  I had some events to share...like my in laws came over for a 4 weeks visit again, I was super busy with work ( which was surprising after a six month hiatus), my son did very poorly for Maths ( not surprising actually), my birthday was over with the same usual fanfare my hand lotion gets ( which is nothing actually) and so on and so forth. I was just not in the mood to write.

Just after my last post -  work kept piling up and I was so happy to work -  I threw myself at work completely. And now -  I am back again -  because my work has died down till the next project comes up.

Currently its fasting month right now -  and actually in the last few days of it. Will miss it though. Had a nice time, not cooking, just chillaxing and sleeping most of the time at home.

It seems that Islam having being around for 1400 years and as one of the major religions in the world, there are many people who do not seem to know why the hell we fast, what Hari Raya Puasa is , or that Islam is not a terrorist gang. Seriously. I am.  Aren't people curious? Just to find out why these Muslims fast? Why are they always fighting as per the mainstream media or fake news as President Trump refers to? People know that Israelis and Palestinians have been fighting for over 70 years. Do we know why? All I knew was that they were bitter enemies and they fight and its all Palestinians fault. That's before I googled and tried to understand the reasons behind it.

You see, I have been asked by friends and colleagues about certain stuffs about fasting and the religion itself. Not that I mind informing them, or advising them what I know without going into details and all. But I am just surprised that in the age of quick information that we have, people still have the need to ask.

My colleague from China - was extremely surprised when she found out I was fasting ( like almost end of three weeks later). She was awed that I was still surviving.

Another colleague asked about the rules of fasting - who should fast, the conditions and so on.

Why are women given triple talaq, what is the process of talaq, why must women cover their hair,why cover the whole face, why marry young, why am I not dressed like that and so on are the questions I get on regular basis as a Muslim. You know - you can ask and get the answers from Google and Quora as well -  am pretty sure about that.

I had to give a small sermon to a group of friends who didn't understand why the Quran said Muslims should kill non believers on a girls night out.

I had another one, telling me not to fast because she wouldn't have a lunch kaki. These are the same people who will go on an offensive if I were to ask or probe and even tell them to skip a particular ritual because I need a lunch mate.

There are so many complexed people out there with complicated answers -  that asking advise out there is so difficult. I cannot handle other people's perspective of religion. I cannot accept another person's view on religion without learning more and understanding more from various texts and imans.

When a non believer takes an interest to find out about Islam  - the least a Muslim can do is to sit him/her down with a cup of coffee and take the time to answer his/her questions. He/She is not going to learn all about Islam in one day -  it will take some time and effort to understand something new. And most importantly if Allah decides to open his/heart for such knowledge, that person will inshallah (God willing)learn.

And as such -  a Muslim should take the effort to learn someone else's religion. That -  is something I have seen -  no one is willing to do. Its as if -  Allah will strike him/her down with lightning the moment he/she enters a temple, or learns about a new religion.

You have seen the young christian kids asking you to check out the bible and explain about jesus and all? I think they say the Good News or something. I had one kid coming up to me and telling me about Jesus. I was there listening to him for some time. Then he asked me to come over to his church to know more. I told him my Holy Book has a lot more verse about Jesus than my last prophet and asked if he knows that. He was baffled. Oh yeah you didn't know? Jesus is also one of our prophets dude! Only difference between you and me -  I don't think hes the son of God. To us - hes the messenger. That's the only difference and both you and I have lots of wars because of that. He'd look one kind for a while.  I know because I have read the bible, I have gone to church, I have seen the worships there and my god mother is a devout roman catholic. I believe at this time and age - its unwise to remain ignorant of other's beliefs and religion. What do you think will happen if you take the effort to know?

I had my friend tell me that her non Muslim friend popped by her house one day without knowing that it was maghrib time. How will she know that? Would you know if she's fasting for a particular deity without her telling you?

Let me give you an example.

Years ago -  my closest friends and I went out for pizza. We ordered something that had beef in it. One of the girl was a devout Hindu. It was only after the food came that we realized we ordered wrongly.

I asked her if she can still proceed to eat the pizza taking out the beef slices instead.  Then she told me if I would eat the same pizza if there were pork slices instead of beef. I then understood. Someone had to tell me wisely and I understood.

Simple as that.

I am not a devout muslim. My name is the only identity I have as a Muslim. I can do better I know. But currently with all the mayhem happening in the world  - I believe my religion is at the core being attacked and assaulted outside. I believe I should be learning more about my religion along with others as a part of knowing something about everything and engage in a more useful discussion with non muslims who come to me asking questions.  And I pray to God that I have the patience to explain what I know and have learnt without anger, and without judgement about them or their beliefs. If I can help one person understand that Islam is really about peace and submission  -  I am good.

Happy ramadan to all people out there who are fasting 15 hours and more. May Allah grant you patience in this holy month.

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