Overated media coverage

Last Sunday, I woke up to the sad news of a famous Bollywood actress's death. It's no secret whose death I am referring to.  At first it was mentioned that she had a cardiac arrest. And then later on -  it was something else.

Now does it matter how she passed on? I don't think so. Shes gone. Things will be different for her family of 2 young girls and her husband. That is their own personal grief and they have to mourn her loss in their own ways. But making a spectacle of her death -  goodness!

I admit I was into the news for that day because I was thinking, they'd bring her mortal remains back to India and have a funeral and there will be some sort of tribute for her in local and international Indian channels and I will have to go through it. But the media frenzy that took over  -  sort of went ballistics.

My Instagram post was full of her pictures, her last dance, her first movies, and so on...for 3 days! I mean come on! Shes a good actress but to make a big hoo haa? She is already a public personality, not that shes no longer amongst us -  they have to make a big show out of her death?

I can choose not to see the pics of course -  but I get to see pics of celebrities all dressed in white to come to the funeral and all in my Instagram! Even I scroll down fast to move on to other pics, I can still see pictures I really don't need to see. And the funeral procession...it was as if a politician who made great changes to the lives of people has passed on.

Its touching to see that she had such an effect on people, but in the end she's just a normal person who shone as an actress and she's gone. Natural cycle of life. Shes not going to know that she had a massive funeral and all. We give her the respect for the work she had done and she continues to be in movies and we will get to see her in them. So I think people need to stop over reacting and move on. Especially the Indian media.  I don't think they are feeding what the people need. They are just over feeding to make the people sick.

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