The musings of the first two months

It has been a while.

Though not entirely by choice, I had been quite busy the last few weeks since the last post here. I do wish everyone a belated new year and since we are already somewhat in the mid of the 2nd month of the new year -  I am pretty sure we have somehow lost that refreshing new feeling and settled with the grind of things.

The month of December end and January saw me entertaining guests from Melbourne, Australia. Contrary to my fears, the guests were nice and courteous and we enjoyed having them thoroughly. They have 2 young boys and one of them was of the same age as RA. Both RA and their eldest were inseparable ever since they met. We showed them around Singapore for the first three days during the new year and after that -  they went out on their own.

I arranged the admission tickets to various tourists spots for them and have it emailed over to them and they would get themselves a cab and tour the places. We also drove to KL on the first weekend of the new year and had such great fun. The kids really had so much fun. We the adults were happy and gay. Once they left however, the kids were sad, but many promises of staying in touch were kept. We even had two Skype sessions after that. But then its not the same as meeting up front isn't it?

Anyways -  during the month of January, we took delivery of our first family car. Shes a beauty. She is the Hubby's achievement and hes extremely proud of it as am I. I was the first person to start her engine and drive her home. Ever since, I get to drive her usually on weekends. Hubby drives me to TGP and from there I take the train to work. Life, I agree, is much better with a car.

Also in the month of January -  I began planning for my boys's birthday. It is sort of special to me because Hubby is turning 40 and son is turning 10. This is Raihaan's first double digit year. And the next time hes getting another digit in his age will be 99 years later. So we have to celebrate this. Not only that, Raihaan himself had been asking for a party since it has been ages since we had one at home.

For the Hubby's birthday -  I planned a double surprise though. Because hes been working long hours, and exhausted after coming from work every day -  I thought of giving him a well rested break.This I planned in January parallel to planing our son's party.

February was ok -  not bad. We spent one of the weekends at Sentosa as a gift for Thameem for his birthday. It was fun planning it -  but was not able to surprise him as he somehow knew i planned a getaway when he saw me taking my carrybag. That was a mistake I admit -  could have left that bag in a car. Also -  when I picked Raihaan from student care -  the plan was to take a cab and meet the Hubby at Sentosa after he comes back from work. Thankfully -  that didn't work. Why thankfully? Well I explain later on...

When I was not able to get a cab and Hubby was on the way home, he came over to pick me up. I had no choice but to tell him to drive to Sentosa. There itself when I was doing the checking in, I realized my card didn't go through. I was flabbergasted! That's when "thankfully" entered the scene. Hubby gave his card and we got the room. Apart from the small snafu - the rest of the day went well. The place was nice and serene. But we didn't get to enjoy the place that much cos I invited mum and kids over as well. We swam in the pool for the first half, then went to Little India in 2 different cabs. We had to take cabs, cos my hubby had to give the car over to a place to get the sun control film done for the car. So we took two different cabs, got down at Swaadhist and had a fantastic lunch. Also - i get to eye flirt with the bearded malayalee waiter there with my hubby looking on and making fun of it.

Whilst hubby took the boys with him to get the car back, Mum and I along with the girls walked around Little India, shopped a little and then got back to Sentosa when the boys came back with the car. The remaining time was spent looking after the kids at the beach, my mum walking around the beach and after the peacocks that were on their evening walk. Mum liked the place too as well.

After an hour and half at the beach, we went back to the room. The hotel had sent in a small cake to celebrate Hubby's birthday and I kept it in the mini bar till the Hubby came back in after his spa.
The kids showered and rested till the Hubby came in, cut the cake, had the cake and then they left for home -  all sleeping when they reached there.

The last day of the trip was well spent -  swimming and resting and then meeting up with a friend who gave birth recently. So that's one part of the surprise down. The next one will be at the party bash.

Now -  I am still planning Raihaan's party and already I have a 100 pax attending. Its been tedious planning everything. But its enjoyable as well. I will write in when the party is over along with the pics.

Most of my pics are in Instagram anyways -  you will not miss a thing.


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