When Time permits.

I have been racking my head for the first half of the day today because I have no idea what to write. December is the last month of the year and I felt I should write and post. but what do I write? Its not helping my headache either to be thinking too much.

So I went back to my previous articles and checked them out for inspirations -  and I found none actually. But what I did find out was that there was a pattern. I try something, I give up. I try it up again and I give up. And the whole yo you thing continues. I hate patterns. I don't like the same theme over and over again. But when I go through some of the articles (just the last 2 years) - I seem to harp too much about weight loss and pregnancy.

It does seem to be that I have lost the battle on these two fronts. But then I don't give up do I? No -  I hardly learn my lesson. When the Earth as a planet is a speck when compared to the Universe-  why the hell do I bother myself with these daily useless distractions? Life will not change dramatically when I achieve weight loss or have triplets ( maybe yes maybe no)- but life will still move on till the my Clock stops ticking.

I will still work on with the weight loss ( baby -  not so much) -  but whether that works or not -  lets not get that to stop me from me from doing what I can do. Same goes to you too. Don't let yourself tell you what you can and cannot do. Do what you can -  its ok to fail  - just get up and do it again. You can do it as long as your time permit.

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