My will - if any

Its just as recent as few days back when my hubby mentioned something about the future of  our son if anything untoward were to happen to both of us. I already have mentioned somewhere in this blog about coming up with a will -  but almost 10 years on -  we have yet to get a will drawn up. Reason for the delay maybe because we hardly have the time to make an appointment with a lawyer and perhaps we are worried a little about the cost.

But we have some vague ideas though.

1. Obviously whatever we leave behind with the following exceptions -  will belong to our son.
2. Exceptions:

  • All my jewels -  will go to my future daughter in law after my son's marriage and not before. 
  • All my Pandora charms and certain gold jewelries -  will go to both my nieces.
  • All my books to be donated to the library
  • All my clothes to be sorted out and given out or donated as decided by my sister
  • All my saree collections -  to be sorted and given out as decided by my mum
  • Dreamina - my cat and all her belongings will be given to my mum and after my mum back to SPCA. The cat gets nothing of course.
  • My insurance payout if any  -  will go to my mum in a particular monthly payout
  • All items in the house -  will be left to my mum -  she will decide what to do with all the items.

3. Our son will inherit our CPF payout and the proceedings from the sale of the house
4. Our son  will not be placed under my sister's or my parent's guardianship.
5. We have planned to place Raihaan in a reputed boy's home upon our demise. He will be allowed to visit his cousins and grandparents on weekends, and on holidays only.
6. Plans for his housing and future will be placed with the will executioner we choose ( actually thats one of the many things not worked out)
7. Our son will get his inheritance (CPF, + insurance) on a staggered monthly payout based on his age until he turns 25 and the remaining if any, after and not before. 

All these above are only valid if both me and my hubby are not around of course. If my hubby survives me - everything goes to the cat.

I am kidding. 

Have to get all these written, printed and made official by someone official.

If you have not made a will and if you have children, kindly think about the future of your child/children without you. I rather not make our child's life a miserable one after we are gone. 

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