How to plan travel

I had been wondering what to post in my blog for the past couple of weeks because its the year end and I have not been posting much at all. The period during my unemployment seem to be teeming with creativity - but not when I am employed.

Anyways -  I have been thinking about going for a small oversea trip  to end this year neatly. I was intending a small one like Batam or Port Dickson. So I started checking them out at first then somehow I went from checking ferry rates to flight rates to Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai and then London and then off I got back down to reality and thought of maybe a stay cation in some hotels local. Talk about a mighty fall from the castle in the clouds!

And that is how I got the inspiration for the How to Travel mini articles. Not many people have the luxury to travel and I used to be one of them before I got married. So when I was preparing for trips overseas, I realized I didn't know many things. I learnt some stuffs from hubby, internet, friends and of course experience. Many of the things I mentioned in my blog are no brainers -  but it would help to have this as well. Think of someone who has never traveled out for vacation reading it. It might help -  who knows?

I am still looking checking out the details for my next long travel and as I mentioned in the travel series -  the dates are not yet fixed and the budget not aligned to my ideas! All the written posts are my own -  I did not research on them -  but I did take the pics from the internet. Hope you like them!

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