How to plan a travel - The actual Day

So you have been planning for ages for this perfect vacation with your family. You have changed the flight times, the flight dates and hotels multiple time trying to sync everything to your liking. You could have changed the weather if you could! Anyways -  you have everything planned and thought of.


I know of friends who do last minute packing - like jamming everything into their luggages hours before leaving. I know my hubby does that as well - that's because his stuffs are simple. Working pants and shirts, t-shirts and bermudas, and his dhotis,undergarments and ties, cuffs, watches, belt, shoes ( he packs 2), his e-devises and hes off. For me -  I cannot remember everything in detail - so I have to list out what to pack and then pack at least 2 days before. No matter how hard we try, we seem to have drama on the actual day we leave.

Again depending on our flight timing, I would have everyone's luggage weighed and locked and keys secured. Usually -  and very often-  our flight is in the evening. So all the luggage will be packed and ready in the morning itself. I would have smaller stuffs like passports, keys, wallets, travel folder, camera, phone, book,band aids,a toiletries bag and shawl on my carry bag. All e-devices -  laptops, tablets and phones are secured in one of the carry on luggage -  easier to take it out during the scanning in the airport.

When our son was a toddler -  I would deprive his nap time in the afternoon and ensure hes awake most of the time. So when he gets on the flight - he will be asleep within an hour. And ensure hes sucking on a baby bottle or on a candy when the flight lands - due to the air pocket build up in the child's ears.

Carry bag for toddler: Milk powder travel canister with milk, baby bottle, wipes, diaper, extra clothes for baby and me and all my other stuffs.

Now that our sleeping time is the same for the past 3 years -  our son sleeps within an hour on flight - after playing the on-flight games.

Check before you leave:
  • All windows at home are closed and secured.
  • All doors to the rooms are closed and locked.
  • Gas lines ( if using) are switched off( you can do this at the mains outside your house for HDB owners)
  • Except for the fridge -  all electricity shut down.
  • You have your passports ( new ones and not the old ones) with you on hand
  • Medicines, ie in insulin injections, inhaler..
  • Rubbish bin cleared and kitchen clean.
  • Credit card activated for overseas use
  • Auto roaming activated if using
On our Delhi trip -  my mum remembered that she left her insulin injections at home -  just as she was getting into the cab. The trip before that -  my mum only realized this when we were  near the airport -  and had to rush back.

My son and hubby would have their jackets with them and a shawl around me when leaving the house since its cold in the airport. We would have winter gear such as the jacket and overall on a carry on luggage to don the moment we get down in colder areas such as France or Copenhagen. For longer trips that are more than 4 hours -  I'd usually go to the toilet with my toiletries bag and freshen up ( wash the face, brush and clear the jet lag look on my face.)

If you have arranged a cab to take you to the airport -  ensure that when you get out of it - you have checked the cab before sending him off. My FIL ever left his passports in the cab - because he was tending my MIL with her jacket. Usually lots of drama on the day itself -  so fret not. 

I don't like to cook dinner the day I'm leaving - so we'd have some light snacks in the cafeteria before boarding so no one is irritable. And I for one -  love to go to the airport early -  cos there's so much things to see and do in side the terminal once I am done with the immigration. 

Try not to have so much drama on the day you leave. Visualize your vacation and plan. But everything said and done, you need to start travelling outside your comfort zone first so that you know what to expect the next trip on wards. 

If you are travelling to a new destination-  learn the basics of the native language. Don't worry if it sounds terrible to you -  the locals will appreciate you learning their language. Open your mind a little, expand your taste buds a little, take in the experience as it comes.

Not everything will go as expected as I learnt from my 2015 Delhi trip -  but shits do happen. Learn from them and plan accordingly. I have always enjoyed planning trips for my family and thankfully they have been eventful. That is why my hubby lets me plan all our vacations. 

Most of my trip have been free and easy -  except for Provence and Delhi. But I gathered from experience that tour guide works well if you are a small group and not a larger one. But like I said it depends on what you like and what works best. I love the privacy of my family - and I work best in that zone. 

As usual I would have forgotten a lot of things in writing this travel planning thing. Sorry about that. And happy holidays if you are having one this year!

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