Why I went missing for a month?

Some time back my contract with the government agency I was working on ended. I have been working with them for exactly a year and when it ended, it brought me no tear because all my colleagues were pruned off from the project as well. My HR was not able to help me locate another project due to lack of automation testing skills that was very well sought after and so our working relation with the HR ended the same day as well.

I brushed my resume 2 months before my contract ended and so -  the unemployment time between my last contract and the current one was 4 weeks to be exact. And in that four weeks -  I re discovered waking up late, lazing around in the couch doing absolutely nothing, watching mindless tv, picking up my son after school from his student care, and of course look out for work and attend interview -  one per week. 

Though it was fun staying at home, I come to realize that we must keep working on our minds during employment and unemployment. In my field of work -  I cannot afford to progress far or remain employable if I do not take steps to keep updated on the latest in my field. 

It took my bloody 4 weeks to get another job. And there I was thinking that I will get a job even before the end of my contract! Goodness such pride does not do me any good!

Anyway -let’s talk about the present -  as mentioned before, I am now employed - but much to my chagrin at a location that is 2 hours away from home (bus -train-bus – in that manner) but 30 mins if I drive. I was not sure I’d get this job because first of all – I screwed royally during the interview and so I was pretty sure I will not be invited back. Apparently I didn’t know much about the field I am working on, have much to learn according to the test manager who also happened to be a developer. But they called me back two days later asking me to join work at the end of the month. Since that call came three weeks before the appointment date – I was hoping I’d get another call.

First of all - the place is far. Secondly someone must pick up the kid before 7pm and I was pretty sure I will not be able to do that. And by the time I reach home it will be 8pm and I must cook and teach my kid, wash up and all. This is bad. 

But at the same time, it must be noted that I have financial commitments to two banks that are 1.5 years long and staying unemployed for more than a month – was not in the cards. I took on the job and there I am now.

But the issues such as picking the kid up, cooking and cleaning remains and I hate to bother my hubby and mum for this. So together we worked things out:

  • ·         I cook 4 main dishes/gravies for the week on Sunday and freeze them.
  • ·         All vegetables for the side dishes for dinner will be pre-cut and placed in appropriate food bag
  • ·         Rice will be prepared in rice cooker.

So, when hubby comes home -  all he should do is take one of the frozen gravies from the freezer, thaw it a bit and microwave it till it’s hot. He switches on the heater of the rice cooker at the same time as well.

When I come home from work at 8pm -  all I have to do is stir fry some veges that are already pre-cut, lay the table and have dinner.

If there are any leftovers -  I pack them for lunch to have it in office.
In case I do not want to eat rice or I forget to cook rice in the morning -  I have thosai batter in the fridge. So Plan B is set as well.

  • ·         All light cleaning will be done on Sunday.
  • ·         Laundry will be done on Sunday as well
  • ·         Mum comes in on Wednesday or Thursday and will help to do proper clean up.
  • ·         Mum also helps with the cooking when she brings home whatever she cooked for the day.

Picking kid up

This was a little tricky. We had three choices before us.

Choice 1:
  • ·         Either of us will rush over asap to pick kid up.

But because hubby himself may have meetings later in the evening, or might have to fly overseas for work, and if I have to work over time -  then my mum will have to pick him up. We didn't want to bother mum - hence this we dropped.

Choice 2
  • ·         Raihaan gets home himself.

Though Raihaan walks to the pickup point to the school bus on his own in the mornings, I still do not think he can come home on his own. He kind of dreams when he walks and the roads near the school are congested with heavy traffic and I do not want him to go through all that. And even if he can go home on his own -  who’s going to be there at home with him? Trust me -  I have thought of all the things that can go wrong here – from possible kidnapping to home burglary. This option did not go well with me and hence dropped.

Choice 3
  • ·         Move to a condo that’s near the school and MRT

Ok this we thought of seriously. Condo because of the swimming pool. I can get the coach to come up to the condo, rather than we go to the pool every Sunday evening. We found one place that was just right. It was a condo – located next to my mum’s, next to Raihaan’s school and student care – he can walk all the way there in a covered walkway and next to the MRT where we can just walk up instead of taking another bus to reach there.

But hubby thought the price too steep for rental of the apartment. And no one was renting the apartment out for any cheaper price. Hence dropped - though I very much liked the idea and the place.

Choice 4.
  • Get a car

This hubby liked. To try it out we rented a car for a month to see if it works. It took a while to get the flow right but for now hubby and I drive to TGP, I shall take the train and bus to work from there. I get to work at least 10 mins early and I don't have to leave the house early.

After work- hubby drives down to Clementi and picks Raihaan up and heads back home. He will arrive home at 6.30pm. I will be home by 8 pm as usual. We are still checking out ways to see which way is better to reach home.

For now -  we have found having a car much to be very convenient and are thinking of getting it rented long term or getting it purchased.

Now keeping in mind – I might not work here at this godforsaken location for long -  hubby thinks getting a car is far more convenient than moving into a condo or buying one since we have not reached to the financial status of buying condos yet.

So there people! The consequence of working. If only I could curb my spending habit a bit!

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